Weekly Horoscope Overview February 3 – 9

1Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: You’re feeling much more domestic than usual during the first half of the week, and should think about family and repair projects before other issues. If you can handle it, you may find it fruitful to have a heart-to-heart with a parent. Exciting energy floods your senses later in the week, so expect to have a good time out of almost anything then. Push ahead with something totally new! The weekend is better for slowing way down and enjoying the ride — you don’t need to rush anything just yet!

2Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: Listen carefully and make sure that you’re also speaking in turn through Wednesday — communication is far more important than usual, and should be easier for you to achieve. Try to get your peers to see what is most important to you! Don’t overdo it later in the week, though, or you may find that others stop listening when they decide that you’ve said enough. It’s a fine line! Your good energy this weekend makes it far more likely that folks want to hang out with you and follow your lead — it’s easy to get folks to open up.

3Gemini Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: Watch out for foul moods during the first half of the week, in yourself as well as those around you. It’s a time that makes disappointment ten times as bitter as usual, and you need to avoid raising expectations too high. See if you can coast through to Thursday, when your intellectual energy starts to rise dramatically. You should be able to realign yourself with a plan that is much more reasonable for you. Though your emotional side is a bit stiffer this weekend, you should still be able to understand what those around you are going through.

4Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: Go ahead and talk to yourself for the first few days of the week — if anyone thinks you’re crazy, they’ll soon learn otherwise! It’s a good time for you to see if you can get your people to commit to something new and important. If you show off a little on Thursday and Friday, it’s for a good reason, and you ought to impress the right people and put yourself in a good position for the future. Attend to the small details of your life this weekend, if only to get ready for larger things to come.

5Leo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: Expect big ideas to come your way early this week — through your own inspiration or through mundane channels like email. You’re in just the right frame of mind to give them the careful consideration they deserve, so take the time to think them through. At least one leads to some serious recognition on Thursday or Friday, and you should be able to make the most of your great energy then. The weekend is better spent considering your financial situation — you need to make some tweaks if you want to succeed!

6Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: Fall back on your good friends as the week begins — you know they’re there for you, and it’s easier than ever to ask them for anything you may need. You are all more or less on the same page, so work together! Try your best to relax on Thursday and Friday — especially when new ideas or requests come your way. Flexibility should go a long way toward making life sweeter for you. The weekend is as exactly good as you make it, and can be almost perfect if you put a little work into it early on!

7Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: You need to spend some time during the first half of this week just taking stock of your life and appreciating all the things (and people) you may not have noticed up until now. It may be hard for you to understand some of the connections, but that just means you need to make time for thinking. Let yourself dive into some big project or idea on Thursday — you don’t have to worry about how all the pieces fit together as long as you’re doing something you love. The weekend is a little annoying, thanks to an almost-forgotten task that seems to take you forever to get around to doing.

8Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: You get word from far away of a friend’s or relative’s big adventure — and it inspires you to plan your own! The first half of the week is a good time to think really big, because you can always negotiate down from taking a year off to sail around the world on your own. Work issues loom large on Thursday and Friday — especially if you aren’t your own boss. Dealing with supervision is tricky business at this time. Your mind is almost perfectly organized this weekend, though, and you should be able to come up with a great plan that covers everything that you need to get done.

9Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: You just aren’t so sure about what you need to do next when the week begins — but keep asking questions! You’re in the right frame of mind to accept big changes, or sets of small changes that add up to something great. When things start to gel (Thursday or Friday, most likely), your good mood is ineradicable and you should find that those around you are caught up in your excitement. Bills and red tape may consume at least a good chunk of your weekend, so get ready for some detail-heavy drudgery.

10Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: You’re doing quite a bit of eye-rolling all the way through Wednesday evening — almost everyone you know is overreacting to some bit of news or surprise announcement, and you seem to be the only one who has any kind of perspective. Good luck sharing it! Things might actually get worse for your people later in the week, as a wave of selfish energy flows over them and it suddenly becomes dog-eat-dog for almost everyone but you. Focus on your own projects and all will be well. The weekend brings blessed relief, and your mind opens up to new ideas and information.

11Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: The first few days of the week are great for committing (or recommitting) yourself to exercise in all its forms. Try yoga, take the stairs instead of the elevator or just swallow your pride and go back to the gym — you’ll be glad you did! A seeming contradiction turns into an extraordinary new idea for you on Thursday or Friday, and you should be able to work it to your advantage within a few weeks at the most. Try to ease up on your working life this weekend. There’s no great urgent need for you to complete any deals until next week, anyway!

12Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF FEB 3, 2020: Your poetic imagination makes the first half of the week seem almost magical — for you and for those close enough to consider family. It’s the best time to share your feelings or to try out new artistic projects. Beware of work issues on Thursday and Friday, especially involving your immediate supervisor or closest client. Things could get quite contentious if you don’t de-escalate immediately. A little detective work should clear up any lingering doubts about your friends or family this weekend.