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Weekly Horoscope Overview – January 11 – 17

Weekly Horoscope Overview – January 11 – 17

1Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Look out for your fellow humans as the week begins and all will go well. On Monday and Tuesday, you may need to curb your natural competitiveness (and use your ample charms instead) to get ahead. On Wednesday and Thursday, you’re lost in your own thoughts — and they’re not all pleasant, unfortunately. Expect to butt heads if you put those cranky notions into action. (Or better yet, just lay low for now.) On Friday and Saturday, you’re back to your optimistic, outgoing self, so seek out some adventure. On Sunday, trust your abilities — and the abilities of others to help.

2Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: If you’re expecting boredom as the week begins, prepare to be (pleasantly) disappointed. Your routine gets some spark on Monday and Tuesday and you should follow up on any chance for fun — even if it means your work has to wait. On Wednesday and Thursday, your passions will push you into action. Just make sure they don’t push you into trouble, too. On Friday and Saturday, your trademark patience will pay off. Now is the time to pause and ponder, even if others are rushing ahead. This Sunday, get good and grounded. Someone in the know will give you the gift of enlightenment.

3Gemini Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Every week should begin this way! You’re full of energy and enthusiasm on Monday and Tuesday — and you’ve got ample charm to inspire others at home, at work or anywhere. Expect to slow down on Wednesday and Thursday, though: You’ll be more intent on analysis than action. That unusual intelligence and insight should carry you well into Friday and Saturday, when you can put those ideas to work — and you can expect some help from a like-minded partner to make things happen. On Sunday, be flexible. Use your trademark flexibility to adapt to the unexpected.

4Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Watch for troubles on the home front as the week begins. Monday and Tuesday could both bring domestic conflicts, but a little empathy on your part could go a long way. By Wednesday and Thursday, emotions are running high. That can lead to excitement in romance and relationships — but amped-up emotions spell nothing but trouble for any financial or legal issues. Play it safe. On Friday and Saturday, give your super-sensitivity a break and take some time out for yourself. This Sunday, find an imaginative way to deal with a problem.

5Leo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Everybody is on your side as the week begins. And how could they not be? You’ve got all the answers (and you’re having all the fun!) on Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy the popularity. On Wednesday and Thursday, you’ll quiet down ever so slightly — now is an excellent time for chin-rubbing introspection and quiet analysis. You’ll kick back into action just in time for the weekend and you can expect applause, affection and admiration wherever you take your dramatic presence. On Sunday, help yourself out by helping someone else.

6Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Show some prudence on financial matters as the week begins. Monday and Tuesday are both bad days for impulse purchases — but they’re great days for other kinds of exuberance, like spontaneous opinions and wide-eyed ideas. On Wednesday and Thursday, indulge your intellect by striking up conversations and following your curiosity. On Friday and Saturday, resist the urge to rush ahead. Sometimes the most daring — and worthy — risk is to kick back and just let things happen. On Sunday, rest on your laurels. Your hard work has paid off and it’s time for some fun and romance.

7Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Who can resist your flirtatious smile and easygoing outlook? Nobody, at least not as the week begins — you’ll be charming socks off by the score on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, you might still be generous with your attention, but you’ll be stingy with your cash. Put that fiscal fussiness to use by plotting out a smart financial plan. On Friday and Saturday, you’re full of yourself — but in a good way! You’ve got a lot to say and you’re surrounded by people who want to hear what’s on your mind. On Sunday, take some quiet time for yourself.

8Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: The week could start on a difficult note. Your heart and your head can’t seem to agree on Monday and Tuesday and this might be a better time to think than act (especially if you can count on some back-and-forth banter with friends). Your outlook on Wednesday and Thursday should clear up dramatically, finding you exceptionally charismatic and confident. You’ll know what you want and you’ll know how to get it. On Friday and Saturday, you can expect to get caught up in the moment. Somebody persuasive wants to sweep you up in their plans, but you can count on your instincts to guide you. On Sunday, start something new.

9Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Who loves you, baby? Everybody, apparently — or at least it’ll seem that way as this week begins. Friends and admirers will rally to your banner on Monday and Tuesday and it’s a good time to make your wishes known. You can expect an attentive audience. On Wednesday and Thursday, that outgoing mood could shift to shyness. Maybe it’s time for some peace and quiet to recharge? By Friday (and on into Saturday), you’ll be back to your jovial, genial self and you can count on having fun even if things don’t go the way you planned. On Sunday, do something truly unique and original — even if it’s just a small, symbolic gesture.

10Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Your ambitiousness will pay off as the week begins. Monday and Tuesday are both great days to start projects and make things happen. Everyone might not be on the same over-achieving wavelength right now, but they’ll at least have the good sense to get out of your way. Wednesday and Thursday should give you time and perspective to step back and re-assess where you’re at — and you can count on friends to help you take accounts. On Friday and Saturday you need to stay disciplined in the details, but try to let your mind roam to suss out the big picture. On Sunday, you’ve got the brains and brawn to accomplish anything.

11Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Expect to make close connections as the week begins. Monday and Tuesday are both perfect days for getting your point across and winning over friends (and maybe even making new ones). Wednesday and Thursday see you slowing back down and turning inward, as thoughts shift to the big picture. Are you making enough progress in your chosen work? On Friday and Saturday, others will expect you to take charge — but in a fun way! Organize an outing (or a party maybe?) with friends both new and old. Don’t bother trying to accomplish anything on Sunday. Just try to kick back and enjoy the day.

12Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 11, 2021: Watch out for conflict as the week begins. Others might not be on your side on Monday and Tuesday and even former partners could have ambitions at odds with your plans. Don’t be afraid to toss out the old in favor of the new and on Wednesday and Thursday be extra careful of anyone trying to take advantage. Stand up for yourself and don’t back down! If you can formulate a smart plan on Friday and Saturday, expect to have luck on your side. The stars will aid your efforts to do the right thing. On Sunday, take the lead. Others will look to you to provide direction — or to point the way towards someone else who will.


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