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Weekly Horoscope Overview – January 4 – 10

Weekly Horoscope Overview – January 4 – 10

1Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: Look for any emotional outlet you can find as the week begins. You need to clear the air on Monday, and friends and family (especially women) will gladly oblige. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you’ll have a thirst for adventure. Use a burst of bravado to seek out an appropriate challenge — and aim high! You’ve got the stamina and energy to take on almost anything. On Friday and Saturday, you need to get back to your routine and take care of unfinished business, but on Sunday you can do something more fun (and use your charm to get what you want).

2Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: Start your week by taking a risk — especially a romantic risk, if you’re single. You’ll feel like baring your soul on Monday, and others will respond well to your emotional bravery. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, try to be patient and reasonable. Those are two of your greatest strengths, after all — and you could use them right now, as others are looking to pick a (pointless) fight. On Friday and Saturday, expect to love and be loved. You’re at your fun, flirtatious best right now, and others can’t resist your casual confidence. This Sunday, take it easy and indulge yourself (even if it’s just by sleeping in and being lazy).

3Gemini Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: Is your mind on your money? As the week begins, you might find yourself obsessed with the material world, but that’s okay — Monday is an excellent day for reassessing priorities and budgets. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, have fun at one of your favorite sports: verbal jousting and intellectual repartee. Just make sure you keep it light-hearted — you’re a clever enough conversationalist that others might take your witty quips too seriously. Be careful and considerate. On Friday and Saturday, beware: Your communication skills won’t be enough to charm the toughest audience of all — your family. On Sunday, you’re a magnet for fun and flirting.

4Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: What a great way to start a week! You’re full of enthusiasm and emotional energy on Monday, so don’t be bashful when it comes to going after what you want. Your intuition is spot on, and your assertiveness will be rewarded. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, that same gusto could earn you some welcome applause and attention. Show off with confidence and make an extravagant splash. On Friday and Saturday, you’ll find you can master all of life’s smaller (but still important) details, so it’s a good time to make ambitious plans, even if they’re complex. This Sunday, kill any conflict on the home front with kindness.

5Leo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: You might be lost in thought as the week begins, but in a good way! You’ve been doing some deep thinking, and that will be reflected on Monday in the way you radiate warmth and contentment. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all eyes are on you. Your reputation (excellent, of course) has been getting around, and others will want to bask in your confidence and charisma. On Friday and Saturday, that extroversion will get turned inside out — don’t be surprised to find yourself looking for some plain, old peace and quiet. This Sunday, spend some quality one-on-one time (preferably on a date or something similarly romantic).

6Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: Get organized! Start the week by getting your world in order, preferably in the company of like-minded others. Socializing will be energizing on Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you might feel overwhelmed by too much going on, but don’t despair. You’ve got the smarts to juggle all these details — and the flexibility to recover from anything unexpected. On Friday and Saturday, your planning pays off. Expect to finish up old projects and start on new ones. This Sunday, resist the temptation to make an impulse buy. You’re better off splashing out emotionally or spiritually, rather than financially.

7Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: Keep your head down as the week begins. You’ll face of flurry of distractions and demands on Monday, and you’ll need some help from your friends to see you through. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, others will look to you to take the lead, so don’t be bashful about making plans and pointing the way. (And don’t sweat the details.) On Friday and Saturday, get out and get gregarious. Socializing will leave you feeling energized — and you just might be able to help others out with your sensitive, diplomatic touch. This Sunday, all eyes are on you. Flirt up a storm.

8Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: As the week begins, it’s a great time to go after what you want. Monday finds you full of confidence and charisma, and a deep conversation could lead you where you need to go. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, watch out for a power struggle. Your ego could get you dragged into a conflict that you weren’t counting on — and don’t want. On Friday and Saturday, try to do a friend a favor and you might end up learning a juicy secret or two in trade. This Sunday, indulge your imagination in the form of some overdue introversion. A little quiet time could bring you just the clarity you need.

9Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: Follow your mood as the week begins. You might not be on the same page as everyone else on Monday, but that mix in energies and perspectives could generate some interesting (and challenging!) new ideas. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, take every chance to take a gamble. Luck is on your side right now, and risk-taking is that fastest route to rewards — whether that’s material gains, intellectual advances or just having some plain, old fun. On Friday and Saturday, show some caution. You need to attend to details before rushing ahead (which might sound boring, but you’ll be glad you did). This Sunday, feel the love. Everyone’s affection for you is obvious.

10Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: Don’t avoid the issues at hand as the week begins. You need to nip matters in the bud quickly, and Monday should provide the perfect opportunity for fulfilling your responsibilities. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, things aren’t what they seem. Use your excellent analytical skills to exercise some caution — you should be able to see what others are really after right now. On Friday and Saturday, make big plans and expect to see them come to fruition, thanks to your solid research and follow-through. On Sunday, consider kicking off something new. It’s a great time to get something started.

11Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: The beginning of this week could be difficult if you’re not at your patient and flexible best. You’ll have nothing to worry about though, if you can stop thinking and just forge ahead on Monday — even if the task at hand isn’t that exciting. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, expect a sudden surge of creativity. An intellectual insight could lead to a startling (and fun!) discovery, provided you’ve got the courage to experiment. On Friday and Saturday, switch from big-picture creativity to down-in-the-dirt detail herding. You need to show some caution and tend to the tiniest particulars right now. This Sunday, seek out something (or someone) new.

12Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JAN 4, 2021: If only every week could start this way! Expect your Monday to kick off with some fun and flirtation, and don’t be bashful — people can’t get enough of your company right now. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you might feel like you’ve got too much going on, but you just need to take a deep breath and show some patience (and steer clear of other people’s dramas). On Friday and Saturday, be bold. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything all figured out ahead of time — you’re better off just jumping in and going for it. On Sunday, throw out the old and welcome in the new.


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