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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

This week, you are the belle of the ball.

The week begins on Sunday, May 29, with Mars in Aries making a conjunction to Jupiter in your house of romance and adventure. There’s no reason to hold back today. If there’s someone you want to go out with, now is the best time to ask. Reach out on social media with a “wink.” Send happy emoji of risqué vegetables. Sagittarius, if you’re taking baby steps, light a red candle and make a heartfelt request for love to the Universe.

There’s a new moon in Gemini on Monday, May 30, highlighting your area of relationships, partnerships and friendships. You are magnetic, attracting many people to you. Step out the door and you can gain invitations to parties, requests for meetings or direct messages. Sagittarius, you are noticed and celebrated. Over the next two weeks, make a list of the people you’d like to meet (celebrities included). This will help you activate the law of six degrees of separation.

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