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Weekly Love Horoscope Overview 30 March – 05 April

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview 30 March – 05 April

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: You’re ready for an adventure (romantic or otherwise) on Monday and Tuesday, but your coworkers are busy getting back into the swing of things. By Wednesday, you’ll realize you’re flying faster than everyone around you (that’s nothing too unusual though). Slow down and save that energy for the weekend — especially Friday or Saturday, which are fabulous nights for spending time on a new activity or with a new person. Sunday you’ll be back in flight, but this time it’ll be to dreamland — you’ll need a nap by the end of your weekend. Make sure you’ve done something special to dream about.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: You’re surrounded by new people and new ideas at the week’s outset, and romance is in the stars. Don’t get star-struck though; sometimes bright lights can blind even the most practical of folks. Put on a pair of sunglasses and coast until midweek, when you’ll be apt to judge wolves and sheep more clearly. This weekend you’re confronted with something or someone strange, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Keep your eyes and mind open, and you’ll be in for a great, eye-opening time. Sunday’s a day for being with friends and talking over the week’s happenings — they can help you sort out any odd feelings.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: You’ll find yourself wanting to go deeper with someone early in the week. In fact, you may feel you’re at a romantic impasse until you do. Don’t fret — it’s just a bump on the windy road to romance, and although you’re still confused on Wednesday and Thursday, by Friday you’ll come to a new, powerful understanding with them — with important implications for your love life. Saturday, you’ll be really starting to groove on this new romantic perspective, and if you take a nap Sunday afternoon, chances are your dreams will begin to reflect the new changes shaping up. Go with the flow and enjoy it.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: You feel like crawling into your shell on Monday and Tuesday. Respect that by keeping your head down and doing something special for yourself — a massage perhaps? Wednesday, you’ll still feel like hibernating. It’s okay to be quiet, but make sure you’re not sending out signals that you’re not interested in romance. You’re just more about your intellect than your emotions this week, and more interested in staying in than going out. This will go on through the weekend. Sunday, you’ll get a little dreamy, but you’ll still feel mellow. How about curling up on the couch (not necessarily alone) and watching a movie?

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: The beginning of the week is charged with strong romantic energy, but don’t be overbearing. The week is young and there’s work to be done, and your desire for fun may overwhelm some people. Why not do something creative with all that extra energy — perhaps even write a poem (if you’ve got a lot of romantic energy, how about a love poem?). Some of that energy might fizzle a bit Friday and Saturday, so use the time to relax and get your domestic life organized for the week. Remember: Subdued isn’t boring; it’s just quiet — more meow than roar. And no one says you have to be alone at home. Feel free to invite over a certain someone.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: You’re often chided for your sense of responsibility (not that there’s anything wrong with being responsible), but you’ve got to take a risk now and then. Love risks present themselves at the week’s outset, and you might as well take a chance! Romance is in the stars all week for you, and if you’re willing to open yourself up to new ideas and activities, the weekend could hold something exciting for you as well. If you can really let yourself let go, don’t expect a productive day on Sunday — you’ll be preoccupied thinking over your spontaneous and spectacular Friday and Saturday!

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: Your balancing skills are required at the week’s outset, as you’ll be teetering between excited feelings for the future and uncertain emotions about the past. Midweek, try to resist the urge to read all your old love letters, and write a new one instead. Friday is time to do something new — see a new film, try a new restaurant, or communicate with someone in a new way. It’ll pay off. Saturday is a great day for spending time one-on-one time, and Sunday you’ll be in tune with your senses: a good, strong coffee, a cool breeze in the air, a warm touch.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: Keep watch over your heart at the week’s outset, and don’t let it run wild. Tempted to take a big risk in romance? Take a step back and give it time. It’s not going anywhere. Besides, you’ll need everything screwed on straight to deal with issues this weekend that have nothing to do with your heart, but everything to do with your head. Midweek, you’ll get a break; get some exercise. Don’t get involved in family arguments on Friday and Saturday, and be open to someone else’s way of doing things. On Sunday, take a couple hours for yourself, but spend the evening with someone special; the air’s charged with romantic energy and you’ll want to make the most of it.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: Your motto often seems to be: Expect the unexpected — and the beginning of the week is no different. Those you love will surprise you on Tuesday, and you’ll enjoy their spontaneity. On Wednesday and Thursday, you’ll find yourself itching to go out, but wanting to save money. Grab your sweetie (or potential sweetie), pack a picnic, and peruse the local art galleries. (No one needs to know you’re not planning to buy anything!) Saturday is equally good for getting out and trying new things, especially with someone else — a new restaurant, perhaps? Or a new outdoor activity? Sunday is a great day for nostalgia. Get out your old photo albums and tell stories.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: Romantic failure may be your biggest fear early in the week, and things may look impossible. Don’t worry — everything is possible, and probable. Wednesday and Thursday are bright days full of positive romantic energy; spend time with someone special. Friday is more about dreams and less about plans. Why not go to the planetarium with your sweetie (or potential sweetie)? It’s dark and romantic in there, and besides, you can look up and dream all night. Saturday might call for a compromise; don’t be too proud to make it. Sunday’s all about being with someone special and cultivating your connection.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: Monday and Tuesday are days of romantic abundance, and if you open your arms wide enough, you might be able to catch everything coming your way. Midweek finds you exhausted (who wouldn’t be after all that?), and exhaustion lends its way to confusion. Try not to second guess all the good energy in the air and take a nap instead. Friday and Saturday have you shimmering in the eyes of everyone around you. Enjoy the adoration and try to make or strengthen a love connection. Sunday, you may find yourself feeling like you need to step off the cloud you’ve been riding all week and focus on getting things organized for the week ahead. Why bother?

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 30, 2020: Luck is on your side Monday and Tuesday, so ante up and make the most of it. There’s no need to worry about who can see your cards. Heck — go ahead and show them your hand. You’re still in good graces on Wednesday or Thursday, although the focus may shift a bit, as friends come calling for advice and favors. Spread the good luck around. The week’s good fortune has you dreaming about the future — especially your romantic future. Start by celebrating the present with a special evening out on Friday or Saturday. Be sure to make time for your friends on Saturday as well — they’re still in need of your companionship and sage advice.


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