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Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – March 8 – 14

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – March 8 – 14

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

You’re headed into the week with the confidence to flirt and connect. On March 9, the moon in your social eleventh house will form a trine with Mars in your communication sector, encouraging you to be a little daring and mischievous as you chat up your crush. Just don’t go too overboard, because this moon will also square Uranus in your stable second house, which means there’s no way of knowing how your jokes and witticisms are going to land.

However, the cosmos wants you to set aside your penchant for overanalyzing things this week. On March 10, the sun will join forces with Neptune in your healing twelfth house, setting your ego aside and encouraging you to forgive yourself for your mistakes—both the clumsy ones and the more heartbreaking ones. You’re only human, after all, and behind all the blame and negativity is a well of unconditional love.

This spiritual energy will sweep through your love life on March 13, when the Venus-Neptune conjunction acts as a balm to your dreamy 12th house. This energy is pure kindness and empathy, so let it bring you closer. However, this energy can be too trusting, so keep your wits about you if it feels too good to be true.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

As this week begins, the cosmos will be carrying you to freedom. On March 8, the moon will join forces with Pluto in your expansive ninth house, helping you break free from limiting beliefs about love and overcome relationships that may be constraining your authenticity. It’s natural to compromise for someone you love, but if you’re compromising to the point that you’re forgetting yourself, it may be time to set yourself free.

You may feel an incredibly loving connection with your community this week. On March 10, the sun and Neptune will join forces in your social eleventh house, dissolving the conflicts and disagreements that may be separating you from your friends. Set aside your concern for romantic love and dive headfirst into all the beauty of platonic love. This week, you may discover that you have more friends than you think.

And lo and behold, one of these friendships may be turning into something more by March 13. As Venus and Neptune combine in your extraverted eleventh house, you might find romantic feelings developing for someone in your outer circle; someone you may have never given a second look… until now.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

The week begins with a powerful opportunity for intimacy. As the moon joins forces with Pluto in your eighth house of transformation on March 8, you may feel a strong desire for emotional closeness and belonging with a lover. Let this help you let down your guard and form a bond that exists just between the two of you. However, obsession can also ensue, so remember that love is never controlling, nor is it possessive.

However, you’re working on your perspective of love as of the ninth, when the moon moves through your expansive ninth house. On the tenth, the moon will form a trine with the North Node in your first house of the self, pushing you to embrace an independent understanding of love. Use this energy to work through codependent patterns and embrace the idea that your freedom should come at no cost.

By March 13, it will be a beautiful time to update your dating profiles and social media to reflect what a hot commodity you are. Venus and Neptune will join forces in your tenth house of reputation, surrounding your name with magical and romantic energy. Not only will people be talking about you, but they’ll be drawn to your colorful aura.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

A hidden truth about your relationship may come to light as the week gets going. On March 8, the moon and Pluto will join forces in your seventh house of partnerships, intensifying whatever may be lingering beneath the surface of you or your partner’s feelings. Power struggles may ensue, but if you work together to talk these issues through and get it all out on the table, it can be an incredibly healing process.

However, you might slam right back into intimacy issues again by the ninth. The moon and Saturn will meet up in your emotional eighth house. The dynamics you may be working within your relationship might not be working for you, so use this energy to identify the habits that you and your partner abide by. If you’re single and dating, you might find it harder to establish a deeper connection with your lover, encouraging you to take things slowly.

If the beginning of the week feels hard on your relationships, things will lighten up by March 13, when the Venus-Neptune conjunction blasts through your open-minded ninth house. Forget everything you thought you knew about relationships and let this transit show you hope where you thought there was none. Love surrounds you in more ways than you may have realized.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

You may be running into walls as you attempt to forge a connection as this week begins. On March 9, the moon and Saturn will move through your seventh house of partnerships, which will tap into your desire for harmony, but it might also highlight the weaknesses in your relationships at the moment. However, if you can identify what’s wrong and work on it, you’ll only be strengthening your bond all the more.

Luckily, the energy surrounding your partnerships will become more free-flowing by the tenth. This is when the moon will connect with Jupiter and Mercury, lifting the weight on your heart and encouraging open communication and better luck in love. This is a beautiful time to talk through whatever has been bothering you, as you’ll both be more receptive to whatever you both have to say.

By the thirteenth, you’ll be approaching an opportunity for so much newfound intimacy. As Venus and Neptune join forces in your transformative eighth house, you might feel encouraged to merge and become one with your lover. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, this transit might even make you feel like you belong together, and when you’re alone, you’re the only two people left in the world.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, your love life might feel intense as this week begins. When the moon and Pluto join together in your flirtatious fifth house on March 8, it might intensify your feelings as well as your lover’s. Whatever you’re feeling—whether that’s completely smitten or completely uninterested—is likely to be emphasized, increasing your desire for a love that sweeps you off your feet. You deserve that feeling, just make sure it comes with mutual respect.

By March 10, the sun and Neptune will meet in your seventh house of partnerships, inspiring you to be more generous with your love and your energy. This will help you dissolve boundaries as you lead with empathy and compassion. You and your lover can heal each other in so many ways this week. However, there’s no need to give until you’re left with nothing, because you should be able to give to yourself as well.

The thirteenth will be a major moment for your relationships. As the new moon activates your harmonious seventh house, it may be the start of a new beginning in your love life. However, give this beginning time to unfold, because the Venus-Neptune conjunction may be blurring the facts. Focus on the facts rather than your fantasies.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

You may find yourself dealing with conflict in your private life as the week begins. On March 8, the sun-Pluto conjunction will rise in your fourth house of home and family, which may cause hidden tensions to rise. If you live with your partner, frustrations over the way you treat your home environment may become apparent. If your parents don’t approve of your love life, you may find them being a lot more opinionated than usual. This is your chance to set things straight.

Some of the stress will lift by March 9, when the moon in your romantic fifth house forms a trine with Mars in your expansive ninth house. This will help you focus on the beauty of being in love. However, as the moon later meets up with Saturn, you might find that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling to be temporary. Love is a choice, and if you feel love for your partner, you’ll stick through even when it gets ugly.

Kindness will encompass your love life by the thirteenth, when Venus and Neptune join forces in your selfless sixth house. This is the perfect time to acknowledge that “acts of service” are just as valid of a love language as all the others. Show your love by doing favors for your lover and helping them out.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

You might begin this week obsessing over the details a little too much. On March 8, the moon and Pluto will join together in your third house of communication, which may leave you overanalyzing the meaning behind your crush’s last text and overthinking it if it takes them a few hours to respond. Make sure you take a break and take a step back from the conversation, because there’s likely far less meaning in that text than you’re presuming.

Feelings might easily feel hurt by March 9. This is when the moon in your sensitive fourth house will square Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships, which might indicate a partner who’s flighty or hard to read. Don’t let their lack of predictability screw with your emotional center. Your heart deserves to feel safe regardless of how someone else chooses to behave. And if this relationship is less stable than what you need, make decisions with that in mind.

Regardless of what you’re feeling, romance will flow through you by March 13, when Venus and Neptune join forces in your passionate fifth house. These vibes are brimming with lust and erotic energy, so let it titillate you. Just remember not to make permanent decisions when you’re in the throes of ecstasy.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

There’s a lot of empathy and intellectually stimulating energy surrounding your love life this week. On March 10, the moon in your chatty third house will form a trine with The North Node of Destiny in your seventh house of partnerships, which could indicate a conversation with your lover that was always destined to happen. As the moon later meets with Saturn, difficult topics may come up, but you’ll be able to address them with the maturity you need.

You might even feel like building a home with your lover on March 13. As Venus and Neptune join in your fourth house of the home, it will tear down your walls and radiate kindness throughout your love life. This is not the time to play games or treat each other with sarcasm. Instead, dive headfirst into a compassionate connection. However, make sure you’re not rushing things or getting too emotionally involved before you’re really ready.

On March 13, the new moon will radiate through your fourth house of family. Discussions centered on moving in together or introducing each other to each other’s parents might come up as you start thinking more seriously about your future together. If you see yourself building a family with your lover, this new moon will be significant.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

You may be doing a lot of thinking about who you are once this week begins. On March 8, the moon and Pluto will join together in your first house of the self, which might put you in touch with your shadow side. However, as you attempt to understand the darker sides of your personality, it will give you a stronger control over who you become, strengthening your relationships in the process.

However, that feeling of being head over heels in love (or wanting to be head over heels in love) might leave you feeling out of sorts by March 9. As the moon moves through your second house of stability will square Uranus in your fifth house of romance. There’s a difference between love that is genuine and true and love that is addicting. If you find yourself in a cycle where you’re waiting for attention from your crush and forgetting to focus on yourself, take control of the situation.

In fact, you can talk these feelings through on March 13, when Venus and Neptune join forces in your third house of communication, encouraging conversations based on empathy. However, you may be falling for honeyed words, so remember not to place too much faith in empty promises.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

What secrets are you keeping from your lover? What secrets are they keeping from you? As this week begins, someone might either spill the beans (or you’ll just intuitively feel that something is off). On March 8, the moon-Pluto conjunction will move through your twelfth house of the subconscious, causing the hidden truth to float to the surface. However, this might also indicate that you and your lover know each other better than you thought.

March 9 is a date that’s filled with passionate energy, so take advantage of it. As the Aquarius moon connects with Mars in your romantic fifth house, you might feel a primal urge to take your lover to the bedroom. However, insecurities may sink in once the moon later meets with Saturn, putting a lid on your free-flowing self-expression. Let your lover know that you might need a little more encouragement.

However, you’ll have another major opportunity to infuse your relationship with romance on March 13. When Venus and Neptune join forces in your sensual second house, it will be a lovely time to titillate each other’s senses, so light some candles and bundle up in your softest blanket together. Holding hands will feel especially wonderful too.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

As the week begins, there may be drama in the social circles that you and your lover run in. On March 8, the moon and Pluto will connect in your extraverted eleventh house, which might reveal ulterior motives that your friends might have. If you find yourselves dealing with a “frenemy” type situation, it may be wise to face the situation head-on (or at least take a mental note that they might not be as much of a friend as you thought).

Luckily, by March 9, you will be in an incredibly empathetic state of mind, which will help you and your lover get through the challenges with your heart intact. The moon in your forgiving twelfth house will form a trine with Mars in your warm fourth house, reminding you of who’s really in your circle and why you can trust them.

By March 13, you’ll be attracting love and friendship in all its many forms. Venus and Neptune will join in your first house of the self, encouraging you to be kind to yourself and to embrace your spiritual side. Your energy will be positively enigmatic and alluring, drawing lovers in like moths to a flame. You might not notice it, but you’re quite the catch lately.


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