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Gemini – Weekly Love Horoscope

Your vivacious personality will catch the attention of others during the beginning of the week, as your ruling planet, Mercury, forms a conjunction with the Sagittarius sun. This is a great time to get out and explore, dear Gemini, which could very well lead to chance encounters that result in romance. The caveat is that you won’t be able to find genuine companionship with just anyone; you’ll long for an intellectual and philosophical meeting of the mind.

Use November 30 to reconnect with your spiritual side, when the sun, Saturn, and Chiron cosmically connect. This is the perfect time to take a yoga class or link up with a meditation group to feed your soul and need for companionship. The solar eclipse on December 4 will shake things up for you romantically, which could throw you off your game. Be mindful of who you’re investing your time in on this day, as it could set the tone for the next six months. Avoid giving your attention to anyone who doesn’t see you for who you truly are, and if you feel like you’re having to change in order to meet someone else’s expectations — they’re probably not the right match for you.

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