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Cancer – Weekly Love Horoscope

If there’s someone you’ve had your eye on lately, use November 28 to send a flirty text message or ask them out, as the Virgo moon shares helpful connections to both Mars and Venus. This is the perfect time to take action toward the things you want most, and the passionate energy hanging in the air is perfect for heating up your love life.

Your creative juices will flow on December 2, when the Scorpio moon shares a helpful connection to dreamy Neptune. If you have an artistic talent to showcase, now would be the time to display your skills, as it’s likely to catch the attention of a few suitors. People will become enamored by your inspiring aura, making it the perfect time to impress your crush.

The solar eclipse on the morning of the second will pack a cosmic punch, highlighting the sector of your chart that rules health and daily rituals. While you’ll feel tempted to help your friends sort out their own issues, you’ll want to use the energy on this day to focus on your own self-improvement. Be mindful of how much time and energy you’re giving to others right now and try to pull back if you feel as though you’ve being taken for granted.

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