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Virgo – Weekly Love Horoscope

Use the beginning of the week the reinvest in your personal space, as the sun and Mercury form an alliance in the cosmos, activating the sector of your chart that rules the home. You’ll be in the mood to camp out in your abode, choosing to redecorate, reorganize, and freshen up your space. It’s okay if you’re not directing your focus toward love right now. Your home will set the stage for any future romances, so you can view this time as prep work for romance down the road.

If you do find yourself in need of some companionship, or at least a little bit of flirting, reach out to your crush on December 2. The Scorpio moon will cozy up to passionate Mars while sharing good vibrations with romantic Venus. This is the perfect climate for heating things up with that someone special, even if it’s only through a cheeky text.

The eclipse on December 4 will pack a big punch, though it’s possible that you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed or tired. Give yourself full permission to stay home on this day, and try not to let your more adventurous friends guilt trip you into leaving the house if you’re not up for it.

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