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Scorpio – Weekly Love Horoscope

Take the first part of the week to think about the things that boost your self-worth, as the sun and Mercury activate the sector of your chart that rules money and personal security. This energy is primed to help you bloom, but you’ll need to check in with yourself and unapologetically embrace the things that make you unique. There’s no point in putting on an act right now, and if anyone in your life can’t get on board with the real you, they’re not worth investing any more time into.

Use December 2 to take action toward your personal goals, and don’t be afraid to assert yourself. The Scorpio moon will aspect inspired Neptune before aligning with your ruling planet, Mars, giving you the push you need to manifest your wildest dreams. Passion will propel you to the next level right now, so don’t put your energy into anything or anyone that doesn’t light a fire in your belly.

The solar eclipse on December 4 can bring change to your finances, shifting your focus toward money versus love. Put in the time now to build yourself and your bank account up to where you want it to be, and love will find its way to you organically.

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