Weekly Love Horoscope Overview October 12 – 18

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: Surprise, surprise — your mind’s more on work than on matters of the heart on Monday. However, a spectacular vision for your love life may very well come to you if you concentrate. Making dates or sweeping statements about feelings isn’t favored midweek, but by Thursday and Friday, pretty much anything you do or say in the realm of romance goes over to wild applause. Let your attraction show! Love may move at a slower pace this weekend; don’t get ahead of yourself or you may miss a key clue.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: Your romantic week gets off to a weird start on Monday. What you expect to happen definitely won’t, but withhold judgment until you get the whole story. Midweek’s a good time to hang with friends and talk about how your love life’s looking — and how you can proactively change it up. The cat might get your tongue just when you’re about to do or say something huge in matters of the heart on Thursday or Friday, but this might end up being for the best. The weekend’s the time for big actions and sweet words; you’re undeniably hot and darn difficult to say ‘no’ to now.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: Monday opens up a vista of possibilities in the realm of romance, just in time to radically kick-start your heart for the week. Expect some deep and passionate thoughts to percolate now. Work takes precedence midweek; it’s a good thing you’re so busy, because any serious attempts at love-oriented communication are likely to go awry. What you want to say may shift shape, but it’ll sound wonderful if you save it for sometime between Thursday and Saturday. Expect a resoundingly positive response. Cut through the excess info and advice on Sunday; your heart’s your best guide.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: You’re all heart on Monday, while the object of your interest or affections is about as emotional as a turnip. Is it oddly alluring or are you looking for something meatier? Midweek, romance happens by chance — tune in so moments full of possibility don’t slip past. Have your question all ready to ask (or your lips all ready to kiss). Thursday and Friday find your mind extra quick; just watch out for speedily jumping to a not-entirely-correct conclusion. This weekend, your out-there idea for a date is exactly right — let others do the dull dinner-and-a-movie thing.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: Kick off your week with some romantic hypotheses that are way, way outside the box on Monday. Turn your perspective upside-down, shake well and see what comes out. Research is fruitful on Tuesday and Wednesday; the laboratory of your mind is bubbling away, and should an experiment explode, you’re ready to calmly analyze the aftermath and salvage the formula. A fellow love scientist wants to work closely with you between Thursday and Saturday, and two heads are better (and possibly hotter) than one. Keep quietly on track on Sunday; it’s not quite time to announce your big finding.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: Incorporating a fresh idea is surprisingly easy on Monday with a new start equals something very good for your heart. You’ll want to let some relationship stuff (be it past, present or future) sort itself out midweek, rather than pushing it to an unnatural conclusion. Trust in the universe and wait for the cosmic dust to settle. On Thursday and Friday, your spirits are high, and that always makes you extra alluring. A date may turn into a (hot) debate. This weekend, a little tandem soul searching leads to some revelations about compatibility.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: You’re definitely clicking with others — or a certain someone — on Monday, and socializing is favored, so propose something interesting. Don’t count on making a ton of progress on Tuesday or Wednesday; stick with what’s working, romantically speaking, and don’t fret about starting something new. If you’re in a relationship, prepare to strike a delicate balance at the end of the week; if you’re not, the possibility of one is coming to the fore — whether you want it is another matter. Plan your hot dates for Saturday and Sunday, when your magnetism is pulling ’em to you like crazy.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: The more open you are to new stuff in the romantic realm on Monday, the better your romantic week is going to look. Loosen up and let love in. Tuesday and Wednesday have your name plus someone else’s all over them, outlined in a big heart. Make your move or enjoy the heck out of your sweetie if you’ve got one. Your romantic soul is working its mysterious magic. You’re a little hotheaded at the end of the week; beware of getting into a conflict with someone you’d rather be embracing. This weekend, some massive amorous intrigue keeps you guessing — and busy.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: The week definitely equals new you at the beginning of the week, and if you add in a fresh idea or encounter, it’s all rather spectacular. Could a reenactment of a midnight kiss be in the cards? It’s hard to be romantic when you’re mired in little stuff like lost keys (and lost in thought), and that’s the case around Wednesday. No matter; from Thursday through Saturday, you’re tuned back in, and a certain someone is very turned on. Be yourself — you’re super sexy as is. Keep track of the details of amour and do some follow-up on Sunday.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: The future of your bank account may be uppermost in your mind on Monday, but set aside a little time to plan your romantic week as well. A little change of outlook equals a big advance now. Tap into your dreamy, intuitive side midweek for best results in the love department. Try communicating without saying a word to turn up the heat. Go ahead and be a little dull (work, work, work!) on Thursday and Friday, when romance is on the back burner anyway. You’ll want to save that amorous energy for the hot, sweet weekend that’s on the way.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: The excitement of last week is still around on Monday, and when you’ve got it, it’s absolutely contagious. Let someone hot catch it from you, and enjoy it together. You’ll bring your logical side to bear on a romantic situation around Wednesday; a list of plusses and minuses might not be a bad idea (just be careful you don’t misplace it!). From Thursday through Saturday, both your heart and mind are fully engaged, and a pattern (be it positive or negative) suddenly becomes crystal clear. What’ll you do about it? A discovery Sunday might hold the answer.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 12, 2020: You’re in a dreamy heart space on Monday, still entertaining all sorts of visions about your romantic life. Openness to change is what’s most important now, so cultivate it. The stars shine their brightest on you on Tuesday and Wednesday, and you look terrific in their glow. Whatever you’ve got on your romantic agenda, it’s bound to go swimmingly now. Watch for an element of fiction toward the end of the week; they (or is it you?) may not mean to embellish, but there it is. The weekend’s totally wired for your romantic communication — just decide what you want to convey.