Weekly Love Horoscope Overview October 19 – 25

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: Resist acting on romantic impulse on Monday. The way around an obstacle is by using charm and persistence, not trampling over it. Quick thinking and short but sweet communiques are favored around Wednesday. Those in relationships should keep things on the lighter side now to avoid potential (and not too useful) conflict. Toward the end of the week, don’t hold your emotional responses back, but do think about sharing them with someone besides your love interest. Your daring in the love department this weekend is amply rewarded. Who could say no to you?

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: Love feels luxurious on Monday. Sink into it, let it envelop you, and bring someone sweet along, too. Returning your affection is hard to resist. Throwing your customary romantic caution out the window may feel liberating on Tuesday or Wednesday, but it could result in some wasted time. Think about making a plan instead. Couples will want to cozy up at home toward the end of the week, while singletons who put themselves out there have every chance of finding romance. As for the weekend, some negotiation is necessary. You should only be stubborn about what truly matters.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: Gossiping about the romantic matters of others could come back to bite you rather quickly on Monday, so think about biting your tongue instead. Tuesday and Wednesday, however, are say anything days. Your sparkle is undeniable, and people love flirting with you. Keeping your love life manageable may be the only issue now. You might not be getting exactly what you want toward the end of the week, and it could make you a bit cross. Hold on until the weekend. The sweet idea you’ve got can be translated into reality at that time.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: To call or not to call? The stars say Monday’s a good time to follow through and that others are receptive to you. Add into that the fact that your efforts at communication are likely to be misunderstood around Wednesday, and your decision is pretty much made. Make a date for Thursday or Friday. They are by far the best days for love for you this week. Your emotions are intense, lyrical, and utterly compelling, and your intuition about matters of the heart is spot-on. By this weekend, you might be ready to do something outrageous, but think a bit about the longer term.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: If you’re wondering why you should have to make a change on Monday, it may be a sign to do so. At the least, shaking things up gives your heart a needed jolt. And the more open you are to new ideas and random activities on Tuesday and Wednesday, the more fun and romance you’ll find. Impress your someone with your fierce intellect now, too. Let your instincts guide you toward the end of the week. This means shushing up and listening to them with care. By the weekend, you know just what to do with yourself, and the fact that you’re extra sexy is icing on the cake.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: Delving deeper is a good idea on Monday, whether it’s into the depths of your own heart or the feelings you share with another. You’ll want to get some clarity on the big picture because around Wednesday you’re focused on a detail in the romantic realm, one that may be worth your attention now but not so important in the long run. Thursday and Friday are super for socializing, and your partner or a potential one gets you all fired up. You may even find yourself blushing! Concrete plans are a bit hard to keep this weekend, so play it by ear.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: Your natural diplomacy is called into play on Monday, whether it’s for your romantic situation or a friend’s. Building alliances and creating balance are your specialties. Tuesday or Wednesday could find you giving voice to something you’ve never said before, and it’s a gorgeous turn of events. Your trust is rewarded. If romance gets a little off kilter toward the end of the week, you find plenty to love among friends, family, and life’s little pleasures. By Saturday and Sunday, your hopes are in the forefront and the bigger picture is making much more sense.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: Getting into a romantic tug-of-war at the week’s outset could find you in an unusual position: the weaker one, pulled off your feet. Who knows? You just might like this new role. Making a signature passionate move around Wednesday is an interesting possibility, but the way it could play out might find you quickly losing their interest. Think before acting. Toward the end of the week, though, you can set thoughts aside and let your heart be your guide. Your romantic instincts are stellar now. This weekend, it’s better to be a spy in the house of love than the center of attention.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: A little selflessness goes a long way toward boosting your romantic karma on Monday, so do something lovely for your love interest or play Cupid for a friend. Your world’s a busy place around Wednesday, yet you may have the sensation that you’re spinning your wheels in the love department. Could it be that you’re just bored? Try something new. The coupled up have mismatched energies going on at the end of the week, and for everyone there are more romantic questions than answers. But by the weekend, luck and love are on your side.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: On Monday, your faithfulness (to your partner, if you’ve got one, and definitely to your romantic ideals) is the key to a door you’ve been knocking on for some time. Around Wednesday, you’ll want to deploy your intellect and your emotional responses in equal parts. Getting carried away with one or the other leads to later confusion. Those who are coupled up are all wrapped up in their significant other toward the end of the week, while singletons are successful social butterflies. Watch for someone downplaying their real motive this weekend.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: An old romantic story has new meaning for you on Monday. It could be an “aha” moment if you let it. That “aha” changes to “ooh-la-la” on Tuesday and Wednesday when you’re as hot as can be and definitely attracting those who are likewise. The one who can hold a sizzling conversation while raising your heart rate gets bonus points. The realm of the concrete is safer for you than the philosophical toward the end of the week. You could tend to overthink things, especially love. Your independent side is out this weekend. Fly solo and have fun.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF OCT 19, 2020: Warm, fuzzy love energy is coming your way on Monday, so dream a little dream and make note of it in poetry, prose, or drawing. Whether you pass it on or keep it to yourself is up to you. Stick with the romantic status quo during the next couple of days. Nothing is particularly clear, and what you think could shift shape at any moment. Besides, Thursday and Friday are custom-made for romance and custom-fit for you. The appreciation you’re getting from others is palpable. A little rest and relaxation, solo or with friends or a more-than-friend, sounds just right this weekend.