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Aquarius – Weekly Love Horoscope

Take notice of how much you may have been extending yourself this month. Try and take a step back this week and help only when completely necessary. Your health and energy come first; you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Your belief system and sense of self will get an upgrade on May 31. The respect you deserve will finally come through in one way or another. Taking shortcuts isn’t always worth it, and this will become apparent as well. You have a unique path, and no one can pioneer how you do. Your coworkers will appreciate your special approach to things and will want to help carry your torch. Be careful not to let any emails or important information fall through the cracks on the thirty-first.

Take extra care with love this week, and think of ways to rekindle and dull energy you might feel with your partner. It might be time for a vacation or staycation. Take time to put your focus on reconnecting and building trust. If single, work on your approach to romance and learn a few tips from your earth or water sign friends. There is definitely a possibility for chance encounters on the third.

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