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Aries – Weekly Love Horoscope

This week you will be radiating with boldness and charisma, be ready for a full-on confidence boost from the cosmos. This is your week to shine and plant seeds of success. With both Mars and Jupiter in your sign, you will get a big dose of positive energy. Beware not to go overboard with indulgence during this transit, as you might want to delve into risky business. Maybe buy a lottery ticket but try not to get carried away with gambling all your money.

Your leadership skills will be top-notch, so definitely carve out a lot of time for focusing on your next steps at work. Your optimism will attract others to your ideas. Use this time wisely as you can really benefit financially. With Mercury still in retrograde, make sure to double-check all your communications.

Your freedom will be extra important to you, especially on the twenty-ninth and thirty-first. Plan something with your adventurous friends or take your SO on a spontaneous day trip. If you are single, you might connect with someone who shares your high sex drive. You might want to stay home on June 3, and this would be a good day to rest after so many high-intensity days this week.

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