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Gemini – Weekly Love Horoscope

Your twin duality will be rather active this week, and you might find yourself torn between finding time alone and wanting to be out socializing. With the new moon in your sign on the thirtieth, you will be given a new chance to set intentions which will be a nice way to declutter anything that this retrograde has stirred up. Hold tight to your wallet until after June 3 if you can.

With Jupiter in Aries, you might feel a calling towards entrepreneurship or expanding upon what you have already built. Use this new moon to strengthen the intentions you are setting for your business dealings. Give yourself plenty of time to think before making any decisions. Any changes that are happening will make sense soon. With Venus entering Taurus, you will be drawn to expanding your art collection or buying tickets to your favorite music festival.

In your romantic or work relationships, you might need more space to breathe this week. If in a relationship, you will probably feel more connected to your partner after June 3. Try not to rush into new connections. Enjoy the moment and see where it takes you. Your charisma will attract all types of people, have fun and stay grounded.

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