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Libra – Weekly Love Horoscope

This week be prepared for a fiery start. You will want to take action in all areas of your life. Your flirtatious self will be on the prowl on May 29. Look before you leap, as this is a day you will want to delve into the taboo. If you’re paired up, make sure your partner allows you the independence you need to focus on your career.

This retrograde has revealed that you need reliable people to surround yourself with. Your circle may have become smaller this past year, but you will start attracting new people who align with the person you are becoming. We have a new moon on the thirtieth where you are given the chance to summon all you want for yourself and your circle of people.

Your tendencies toward sensual gratification will be at an all-time high on May 29 and June 3. Try and keep your spending to a minimum, and indulge yourself in other ways. Compared to the other signs, you are the best at finding beauty — no matter the circumstances, tap into your creative potential on the third. This day might bring bursts of inspiration, leading you to new forms of expression.

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