02:02 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 02:02

02:02 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 02:02

We are going to start with the meaning that the angels have for this hour by using the work of Doreen Virtue. You will also be given information concerning the guardian angel which has the most influence over this mirror hour. We will then go on to numerology and finish with the Tarot of Marseilles!

The total value of the mirror hour 02:02 is “4”. This number shows that you have high powers of concentration. When you set yourself a goal, you do everything you can to achieve it. You have a way of doing things which is right for you and the least people can say about it is that it achieves wonders!

The hour 02:02 means that you are aware of what is possible in your future. To guarantee yourself this future you make sure to construct a solid foundation first. Whether it be in your emotional or professional life, you make sure that stability is a given. You sometimes have your feet on the ground a bit too much and you dislike the unexpected.

You have the innate ability to do well in a field which requires a great deal of precision; sectors like finance, scientific research, or justice. You have a great potential to succeed, but you are unfortunately going to need to overcome the different obstacles which get in your way regularly.

However you must also take care! By being so involved in organizing and controlling things you can cut yourself off from other people. It is possible that someone is hiding things from you for fear that you won’t understand things which are “outside of the box” or beyond your understanding. Show that you are able to listen and above all keep an open mind!


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