Cancer – 2023 Love Horoscope

Is life worth living without love? Of course it is, but if you’re like most Cancers, you’re definitely happiest when you can share the ups and downs with someone. Being single has its moments, but your main objective in 2023 will be strengthening an existing relationship or finding your soul mate.

With love goddess Venus in detached air sign Aquarius at the start of January and the moon full in your own moody sign around the same time, your romantic year gets off to a bumpy start.

There is a lot of emotional conflict to deal with now, Cancer, and your feelings could become completely knotted and tangled. If you’re trying to make a choice between two people, it’s very difficult to choose between opposites. One offers qualities that the other does not, but you can see yourself with either. Don’t let your own needs get lost.

The middle of March offers more positive possible connections when Venus in Taurus steers you toward more dependable, loyal and trustworthy partners. And let’s just say it: rich ones too! Not that money is all that matters, but there’s nothing wrong with looking for someone who has some financial security.

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