Libra – 2023 Love Horoscope

You’re definitely more of a lover than a fighter, but will a graceful, peaceful approach to your romantic relationships pay off in 2023? Yes, Libra. It looks as though you won’t have to navigate too many ups and downs to maintain happiness in this area of your life this year. Whew!

You actually start the year with a terrific opportunity to meet potential new lovers during the new moon in friendly, social Aquarius in late January. The sun will also be soaking up the Water Bearer’s clever rays, attracting you to other easygoing singles who have an innovative edge.

During this period, your perfect match will be a fellow air sign (Gemini, kindred Libra or Aquarius). You have a unique way of totally being yourself now that keeps people interested in getting to know the real you. Keep them guessing about what you might say or do next!

Passionate Mars starts the year retrograde then heads direct in flirty Gemini in the middle of January, so your romantic attention will be on a lot of different people, and you probably won’t be interested in being tied down or committed to just one person for the next several weeks.

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