Aquarius September 2018 Horoscope

Aquarius September 2018 Horoscope

Life finally seems to be getting back on track for you this month, Aquarius. You have been through the ringer this eclipse season, with a testy Lunar Eclipse in your sign on July 27 bringing loss and stress (especially if you are a January-born Aquarius), then a dazzling Solar Eclipse in your partnership sector on August 11 offering you a gift in either a new relationship or a deeper commitment with someone you’re already with. Even though the August eclipse was positive, change is never easy, and both Mars and Mercury were still retrograde for most of August, adding to the chaos.

In September, however, all of the cosmic dust settles and you are feeling as if you finally have your power back. Mars not only turned direct on August 27, but by September 10 he’ll re-enter your sign in forward motion, making you feel as if you can truly move mountains and achieve anything that has been blocked for you over July and August. Now you are in the place you need to be to start projects, to courageously pursue that new relationship, and to show the world what you’re made of. In September, Aquarius, it really is all systems go!

Financial news might be coming your way as well. A New Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources on September 9 will bring an opportunity for you to make an investment that will truly pay off. You might also benefit from money that comes to you through a settlement payout or a generous royalty or commissions check. This might even be a time where you hear news about your partner’s income that makes you both smile.

Venus reaches the top of your chart on September 9 as well — another positive indicator that money you make from career in the form of royalties or a bonus check can be extraordinary. Jupiter is already in this part of your chart helping to elevate you professionally, but now that Venus is here, the universe is prepared to put her money where her mouth is. You might hear news from your boss about a raise or more attractive benefits package coming your way. If you’re a business owner and searching for venture capital, the right investor might seem to appear out of nowhere. This person will want a real stake in the game so be prepared!


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