Aries 2021 Horoscope

Aries 2021 Horoscope

There’s a lot to learn on the other side of the story these days, Aries. 2020 highlighted your more practical and protective side. You were forced to dive so deep within and now you know what you can absorb and what you can no longer tolerate in your life.

When you rush into 2021 with your naturally curious nature, there may be an honest review of where you want to head the show. This means that you have to take back authority in some ways throughout the year.

Saturn’s influence on Aquarius sextiles your sign well and gives you a confidence boost in your career. This energy can even help you heal some problems related to respect and open your mind to new and different methods of leadership. This also applies to you if on February 17th, June 14th and December 24th a square formed between Saturn in the watermark and Uranus in your neighboring sign Taurus. During these months, a direct focus is on your self-esteem as you become more aware of what is best for the common good.

You might feel torn at times as you strive and find strength by following your own direction. If you keep an eye on the price, you won’t leave anyone behind. In fact, you are treading a lesser known path to show the way for an entire church. During this year, certain lunar eclipses between Sagittarius and Gemini, activate your personal zones of higher learning and spiritual development, and require you to find the words for what you are feeling.

In 2021, you may have many moments of premonition or feel more in tune with your intuition, especially regarding the sagittarian eclipses which are a total lunar eclipse on May 26th and a total solar eclipse on December 4th.