Aries April 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope

Aries April 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF APR 2019: When the new moon arrives in your confident sign on April 5, you can aggressively pursue your romantic desires. It’s good to be firm about what you want, but it’s not okay to force the issue. You know the difference.

Expandable Jupiter turns retrograde on the tenth, so you’ll find a lot of the answers you’re looking for within yourself. You don’t like to get too introspective, but this is one time when you see the benefits of taking some “me” time.

Quick-thinking Mercury moves through your equally rapid sign on April 16, so your decisions are straight to the point. The less overthinking (and chatting about nothing) you do the better.

Venus follows Mercury into your enthusiastic sign on the twentieth, and your directness can be both a turn-on and a little bit intimidating. There’s nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want, but give the object of your desire some time to catch up!

When moody Pluto goes retrograde on April 24, you have several months to contemplate why you feel the need to be in control of every romantic situation. Guess what? Sometimes it’s fun to let loose and let the other person be in charge. Think about giving it a try, Aries.


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