Aries January 2022 Horoscope

Aries January 2022 Horoscope

It looks like you’ll be aiming high as 2022 gets underway, Aries, with plenty of action in your sector of ambition. The new moon here on Jan. 2 is perfect for hitching your wagon to a star and initiating something big.

You’ll need to be patient, though, because lovely Venus continues retrograde until the twenty-ninth, and people’s reactions to your plans could change. But, with the radiant sun cheering you on until Jan. 19, this is an excellent time to devise a strategy to accomplish them.

There are other reasons to be patient this month. Chatty Mercury turns retrograde on the fourteenth and remains so until Feb. 3, meaning circumstances could change, and you might have to restructure your ideas. It would be better to do this than be in too much of a hurry and lose out.

It might be time to look into your work-life balance around the full moon on Jan. 17. If you tend to get overwhelmed, you could feel an urgent push to do something about it.

The sun moves into humanitarian Aquarius on the nineteenth for four weeks, which puts the emphasis on your social sector, networking, and teamwork. It’s a chance for you to see your friendships and group affiliations in perspective and make some new decisions.

You’ll be more fired up on Jan. 24 as dynamic Mars moves into practical Capricorn for around six weeks. You might find you are more driven and determined that nothing will stop you from pushing ahead.

Charming Venus turns direct in Capricorn on the twenty-ninth, bringing an end to her retrograde phase and ushering in a time of decisions and new beginnings. You might see key relationships and agreements in a new way, and this shift could be behind some important changes.

Finally, with a second new moon—a blue moon—in Aquarius on Jan. 31, this month gives you yet one more chance to manifest your dreams.