Cancer 2020 April Monthly Horoscope

Cancer 2020 April Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF APR 2020: You can strengthen your personal relationships during the Venus-Saturn trine on April 4. This transit gives you the opportunity to work through difficulties you might be having with a friend, partner, or extended family member and emerge with a stronger bond than you had before.

A Libra full moon on the seventh gives you even more clarity when it comes to relationships. You’re able to look at things from both sides now, so you make an excellent judge, advocate, or liaison. Helping others work toward a mutual goal is extremely satisfying.

A sun-Jupiter square on April 15 urges you not to overindulge, especially with anything that could become addictive. Normally, you have the ability to say no when you reach your personal limit, but this transit can make you overconfident when it comes to knowing when to say when.

A Taurus new moon arrives on the twenty-second, just in time for you to end the month on a secure note. But what does being safe and secure mean to you? If you desire things you don’t have, like more money in your bank account or a committed partner by your side, put the wheels in motion. There are steps you can take today that can lead to a more stable future.