Cancer 2020 April Monthly Love Horoscope

Cancer 2020 April Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF APR 2020: Strengthening an existing relationship or turning a platonic one into a romantic one is what the Venus-Saturn trine on April 4 is all about. If there have been obstacles in the way of your progress before, working hard to remove them now should work. It will take a lot of effort, but your happiness is so worth it.

The Libra full moon on the seventh puts the spotlight on relationships and can highlight the inequities you feel exist. If you’re in a committed relationship, do what you can to make sure you’re both pulling your own weight. Single Crabs, very carefully weigh the pros and cons of dating someone new. Make sure someone deserves your attention before you give it to them.

A sun-Jupiter square on April 15 can make you feel lucky in love one minute and then cursed the next. The question is, can you chalk love entirely up to destiny, or is there something you can (or shouldn’t) do to help things along?

A Taurus new moon on the twenty-second makes new beginnings possible, but trying to rush things will backfire. Take a slow and steady approach to love now, Cancer. The pieces will begin to fall into place once you commit to being patient.