Cancer August 2022 Horoscope

Cancer August 2022 Horoscope

Although last month might not have been an abundant month regarding finances due to Mercury opposing Saturn, Venus will trine Jupiter and lend a helping hand to your 2nd house at the beginning of the month. A previous job or something you have worked on in the past is likely to resurface to continue helping you with your debts. The good news is that this transit will last for all of 2023, so there’s a lot to look forward to!

Another early month transit to pay attention to is the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the north node, bringing excitement -perhaps even too exciting-regarding exploring a new variety of social circles or having new experiences around friends. Mars sometimes can delineate separations, so the positive aspects of this transit are likely to come as a side effect to a separation or argument with old friends.

If you are cancer-rising born during the daytime, the planet Mars transitioning through your 11th house probably has caused a little mischief concerning your inner social circle or public events. People may have tried to harm or put you down in some way, or conflicts slowly started to bubble up. Playing safe when around others is crucial since Mars will stay there for most of the month. If you were born during the night, it must have been quite the opposite, especially with your great benefic, the planet Venus, resting in your first house. Venus enhanced your magnetic power, and it will continue to do so until she changes signs to give you a different type of blessing by August 12th, as we previously mentioned.

As you reach the end of the month, the planet Mars will move to your 12th house, where it will stay until March of next year. It’s essential to pay attention to the events in your life that had happened before this significant major transit. They will help bring you to gain clarity on your immediate past or habits that are counter-intuitive to your success. This is largely due to the 12th house nature of isolation and solitude. This event will weigh more heavily towards cancer-risings born during the day, especially if you are 23, 35, 47 and 59 years old. Remember that solitude is not a bad thing; on the contrary, it’s an opportunity to grow even stronger for when you finally can get back out there again!

All that aside, Mercury will enter its sign of exaltation by August 13th, transiting through your 3rd house and trine Uranus on your 11th house. Healthy interactions between you and your siblings, relatives or even with some less intimate friends will flow more naturally during this time. Also, a short trip may occur around this time to enrich your social experience, or you might visit a distant acquaintance or relative whom you haven’t seen in a while. Always pay attention to your finances in this delicate time, though. After all, Saturn is still restricting your 8th house regarding debts and external sources of income.

Last but not least, let’s talk about how the moon transiting might influence your life this month.

First, we will start the month with a bright full moon falling in your 8th house. Themes surrounding finances and bills may bother you a little bit more than average due to the Sun in your 2nd opposing Saturn. You have been dealing with this energy for a while, so that can get a bit tiring. It’s better to change the focus to more light-hearted topics: use the exalted Mercury energy to get the better of your interpersonal interactions with others. It is best to be attached to the blessings to soothe the long ride waiting for you ahead.

Having this first moon ruled by Saturn in a temperamental place will make this short lunation harder on the fellow Cancers born during the night because of Saturn’s cynical attitude towards night charts. You may find out a new debt you forgot to pay off out of nowhere that can catch you off guard. For day charts, this can also happen, but you’re more likely to find a way to pay off the debt quickly. This period may make you realize you need to better organize your finances.

It is difficult not to stress out when life seems to go out of the rails, but letting the destructive emotions take control of you will not be helpful either. Try to implement something to benefit your mental health in your routine, perhaps practicing sports or yoga. Focusing on the things you can control will be a must!