Cancer February 2019 Love Horoscope

Cancer February 2019 Love Horoscope

MONTH OF FEB 2019: Seeking pleasure is your main goal during the Venus-Neptune trine on February 2, and this positive aspect happily delivers what you’re looking for. There are minor distractions to deal with, but even those are satisfying in their own way.

The moon, your motherly ruler, starts spending time in compassionate Pisces on the fifth, so love gets tangled up with feelings of safety and security. You feel worst when you can’t provide for the people you care about.

Aggressive Mars moves into patient Taurus on February 14, which could turn Valentine’s Day into an internal power struggle. It’s confusing to feel passionate one minute and shy the next, but at least your day won’t be boring!

The sun follows the moon into sensitive Pisces on the eighteenth, sending your intuition into overdrive. You might not know exactly what’s going to happen, but you have very strong feelings about possible scenarios. Don’t ignore your dreams.

The moon moves into fun-loving Sagittarius on February 25, giving your romantic month a light and casual end. Love is an adventure, so don’t try to limit its possibilities. Letting things happen spontaneously is surprisingly freeing!


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