Cancer October 2018 Love Horoscope

Cancer October 2018 Love Horoscope

When love goddess Venus turns retrograde on October 5, your love life gets put on hold while you think about your next move. Romantic events that can’t be canceled might not turn out exactly the way you hoped, but you’ll just have to roll with the ups and downs if postponing isn’t an option.

Your attempts at controlling every situation fall flat during the sun-Pluto square on the twelfth, but that doesn’t mean your love life is completely unmanageable. Make a mental note of what you can and cannot change on your own.

The Mercury-Venus conjunction on October 15 is a very expressive time, but don’t expect all your outpourings of emotion to be returned promptly – or at all. Everyone works at their own pace. Because Venus is still retrograde, you might not immediately get back what you put in.

The sun spends time in kindred emotional water sign Scorpio starting on the twenty-third, so you might be more emotive than usual. Committed partners could be taken by surprise by how demonstrative you are out in public, but they have no idea what they’re in for once you’re alone together! Single Crabs are feeling passionate as well, but you require some level of commitment before agreeing to any romantic activity.


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