Capricorn August 2018 Love Horoscope

Capricorn August 2018 Love Horoscope

You might feel like doing something extraordinary in the name of love during the Mars retrograde-Uranus square on August 1, but keep in mind that if you try and fail, everyone might know about it. It’s hard to keep secrets during this transit. But on the flip side, good news travels fast!

Mars is still retrograde when it enters your sign on the twelfth, so you might feel the frustration of having to pump the brakes instead of hitting the gas. You know when something feels right, so it might still be okay to proceed if you have the green light. If you’re at a yield sign, however, only move forward when the coast is clear.

A Jupiter-Neptune retrograde trine on August 19 lets your intuition take the lead, so reading between the lines and following gut instincts can lead to love. You have a sixth sense about certain things right now, Capricorn, so whimsical things you don’t usually give much weight to – like love at first sight and fairytale endings – might seem possible. Trust your heart.

A sun-Saturn retrograde trine on the twenty-fifth reminds you that there is a delicate balance between love and respect, and a good relationship should have both. Your perfect match is someone you look up to, and vice versa.


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