Capricorn August 2021 Horoscope

Capricorn August 2021 Horoscope

Finances and business matters could be high on your list of priorities this month, Capricorn. With the sun in an intense zone until August 22, this is the time to take stock of your money and investment situation and resolve any business issues. If you’re aware of any matters that need closure, be willing to let go of anything that no longer serves your best interests. It can clear a space for new opportunities that prove more beneficial.

The new moon in Leo on the eighth brings the chance of a gear change. You might make a deeper commitment to a course of action. Whether you want to launch a project, sign up a business partner, or invest in something new, this is the time to go ahead.

And with lovely Venus moving into Libra and a high-flying zone on August 15, you can use your charm to impress all the right people. Caring and cooperation can go a long way toward helping you succeed. Rather than be competitive, be willing to help others—even those who might compete against you—and your journey to the top will be easier.

The full moon in Aquarius on the twenty-second takes place across your financial axis and could inspire an urge to splurge. If you’re feeling vulnerable and needy for any reason, you could use shopping as a way to feel better about things. If you’re aware of this, it might be better to spend your cash on a massage or other treatment that can leave you feeling relaxed and good in yourself.

Finally, the sun moves into Virgo and your sector of travel and exploration on August 22 for a stay of around four weeks. This can highlight avenues for growth and expansion, and you might be eager to look at possibilities that can bring out the best in you.