Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020

Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020

Aries Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
The things you value and possess hold special importance now, especially those that can contribute to your future success. Your imagination is rich and unconscious insights can inspire new ways to increase your income. The idea for a lucrative business could even come through a dream. However, beware of overstepping your bounds with someone in charge. Your boss may appreciate you, but this doesnt give you license to break the rules and expect favors. Working diligently behind the scenes will earn the respect and admiration of both your superiors and peers.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
You surprise yourself and others today with truly unexpected behavior that seems to come out of nowhere. This is a sign that your powerful emotions can no longer be suppressed. Instead of insisting that you are too busy to meet friends and pursue hobbies, try reducing your work schedule. This decision may not sit well with others, but if youre going to be happy, you must be true to yourself. Reconnecting with your favorite things — tangible things you can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear — will calm your nerves and revive your spirits.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Theres so much stimulation in the atmosphere that youre tempted to stay home. Normally, you love plunging into chaos, but thats not the case now — your spiritual batteries are severely depleted. Sneak off to a tranquil place where you can let your imagination flow. Your creative mind is empowered and can produce some bright ideas and unique visions. When you are in the company of others today, though, make it a point to be present with them. Even though your mind is a rich playground, there’s no substitute for true, real-world friendship.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Your personal magnetism is extremely strong today, putting you in the spotlight and benefitting your status and reputation. Power struggles can emerge, though, pitting your relationships and career against each other. Be wary of anyone acting obsessive toward you and curb any impulses you have to exhibit your own possessive or controlling behavior. Meanwhile, you have an opportunity to learn something new and valuable from a friend or someone in a group you’re affiliated with. Connecting with your social circle expands not only your heart but also your mind.

Leo Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
You have a great capacity now to help and heal others simply by listening to their concerns. Your mind is keen to understand deeper mysteries and feelings that are occurring, and this insight will be valuable to those who seek your advice. Conversations and other experiences arise today that inspire you to break from your routine and go in search of adventure. Anything that expands your mind or teaches you a new skill will open up doors of opportunity. Don’t expect your dream life to come find you; step by step, you’re the one meant to make it happen.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
You have a great opportunity to reconsider your beliefs in light of new information that arises today. This alternate knowledge may rattle your worldview, but adjusting your mindset is much smarter than clinging stubbornly to a philosophy that is obviously wrong or outdated. Lean on your masterful ability to make improvements — you are capable of growing and changing without much fuss. Romantically, your personal relationships feel especially deep and meaningful now. Connecting intimately and vulnerably with someone special can have a very positive, regenerative effect on you.

Libra Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Psychic impressions come on strong today as your intuition is strengthened. You have a sensitivity to others’ needs that can benefit both your profession and your romantic relationships. You and a partner will connect instinctively, helping you produce something together that is both cohesive and meaningful. This evening, a bit of nostalgia could trigger painful memories from your past. Lean on a loved one to help you work through these feelings. Thanks to their compassionate insight, you could finally reach forgiveness and liberate yourself once and for all.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Intense conversations can transform an intimate relationship for the better today. If youve been critical of your partner lately, it’s time to ease up. Exchange all suggestions with sincere praise for your loved one. When you shift your focus from condemnation to appreciation, true love can flourish. Are you single? Resist the temptation to get involved with a colleague — putting your career in jeopardy isnt worth it. Your best bet for finding a wonderful partner is by attending an entertaining event like a concert, gallery opening, or movie. Be ready to introduce yourself to someone with a dreamy look in their eyes.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Unexpected upheavals at work could disrupt the normal flow of your day. Although you arent averse to change, you prefer initiating these shifts yourself instead of being subject to somebody elses agenda. Rather than acting out, you’d be wise to find a confidante you can safely vent your frustrations to in private. Later this evening, romance and adventure are calling you. You have responsibilities to attend to, but your priorities shift when the opportunity for fun arises. You get to choose what is most important to you now, so whatever you choose, go all in.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Events take a spontaneous turn toward adventure and you experience plenty of unusual interactions today. This serves as a pleasant distraction from heavier personal topics that are on your mind. Theres a conflict going on between your ties to the past and the person who youve become. You’re standing in your own power and have strong opinions now, yet you also understand the need for compromise as you seek to maintain positive relationships with loved ones. Though it’s not your usual style, do something totally unexpected for the sheer sake of enjoyment today. It will help lift the weight from your mind and heart.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Your curiosity is stimulated through interesting encounters with many different people today. You’re reconsidering what is most important to you and may bounce around a bit in the process. While you’re feeding your active social life, be sure to make time to pull back and rest when your body needs it. Instead of focusing on the outside and appearances now, turn your mental powers inward. Rather than going out, drop out of the fray and spend some time at home exploring a project you’re excited about. Create a cozy space and dive in with no regrets.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Friday – Feb 28, 2020
Give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go today, because there’s a lot of room for mishaps to occur. Leave the house early to make room for any disruptions during your commute. Or, if your routine allows, you may even consider cancelling this appointment altogether and trading it for a relaxing minibreak. Travel — even close to home — makes you more receptive to brilliant breakthroughs and helps you discover where you stand on important issues. Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself.