Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019

Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Knowing whats essential helps you establish common ground while addressing a sensitive subject. A coworker or friend might inadvertently push one of your buttons today, prompting you to express strong feelings. They may have their own vigorous point of view on the issue and an argument could ensue if you are not careful to disengage soon enough. In all likelihood, the dispute builds further momentum when it veers off the hot topic on to more personal matters. Agreeing to disagree enables you to swiftly strike a peaceful accord and move on.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Transformation rarely happens overnight. You could learn something now that inspires you to turn your thoughts inward. But you might try to steer clear of any negative feelings that surface, especially if they make you feel guilty or sad about something you cannot change. Thankfully, you can discover ways to heal an old wound if you are willing to do the emotional work of digging into a painful part of your past. Talk things over with a confidant, journal your thoughts, or meditate in silence. Freeing yourself from your personal history enables you to embrace the person you are today. Forgiveness starts with oneself.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Adventure is calling your name and traveling with friends sounds like the perfect response. Perhaps youre excited to escape, explore, and have more bonding time with your pack. Kick around ideas for your dream vacation without immediately committing to anything. However, you might discover that the discussion continues to drift further from your preferences. Its all too easy to give your power to others now that spontaneous Mars is moving into your 7th House of Companions. Claim responsibility for your own wishes by clarifying your non-negotiable needs. Givers must draw clear boundaries because takers rarely do.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
The good news is people can oppose an idea of yours without necessarily becoming your opponent. Instead of creating an adversarial dynamic, consider how you could benefit from someones criticism. Rather than limiting yourself to evaluating their message, examine what it is about their feedback that is unsettling. If youre uncertain of the stability of your connection, shore up your relationship rather than question the validity of their opinion. Its tempting to believe youre loudly arguing about one issue when youre actually battling over whats not being said. Author Fredrik Nael wrote, It takes both sides to build a bridge.

Leo Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Be kind to yourself as you strive for excellence. Perhaps youre so focused on your end goal now that youre not fully appreciating the process of achieving it. Giving yourself permission to fail is helpful if youre feeling more stress and less fun these days. Surrendering to doubt is not a viable option. Immerse yourself into the task at hand without assuming unnecessary pressure. Clarity and perseverance will lead you to success. A Japanese proverb states, You fall down seven times, get up eight.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Pushing your agenda can backfire on the best of your intentions today. Insisting youre right is unlikely to make you more effective in getting your point across. Unfortunately, assuming a defiant stance may just provoke resistance and resentment from your coworkers or colleagues. If you stick to promoting your idea until youre victorious, you could win the battle but lose the war. Make your point succinctly and then let it go. Allow people to reach their own conclusions and find their own paths. A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.

Libra Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Putting off the inevitable only amplifies the force of an emotional storm. You may need to handle an emotionally charged issue that resurfaces from the past. You might as well ease into what could be an uncomfortable conversation with either a partner, relative, or old friend. Free yourself from the desire to control or steer the discussion in any particular direction other than expressing your true feelings. Listening with your whole heart sets the stage for relationship growth. You cant change what you refuse to confront.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Channeling nervous energy into a cleaning spree or organizational project is a smart use of your time. You may feel an inexplicable urge to fiddle with things that are not living up to your scrupulous standards. Put that vim and vigor into your elbows and knees and sweat some of the physical stress off. Chat with a supportive friend as you toil. You might discover that a measure of your edginess originates from all the thoughts churning around in your brain. The more pressure you release today, the easier you will fall asleep tonight. Apply your intensity productively and marvel at the results.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Keeping your pleasures simple vastly improves the quality of your life. Although you might be tempted to tie the value of your fun to how much cash you spend, its healthier to acknowledge your self-worth without factoring in what money can buy. Fortunately, ardent Mars returns to far-seeing Sagittarius and your 1st House of Self today, blessing you with the vision to set a goal and then muster the physical and metaphysical resources required to reach it. Wealth is measured in a myriad of ways.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
There are blessings waiting to be discovered today. Cutting your losses and starting over is always a challenging endeavor. Before you complain to your crew or sink low with self-pity, realize that not everyone gets a second chance to create something so important. Reassess your commitment to your goals and determine if beginning from scratch is worth your time and effort. Gratitude helps to lift the heavy burden off your shoulders. Rolling up your sleeves and diving headlong into your work is your vehicle to success. Henry Ford said, Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Your social sphere can be as captivating as you wish it to be today. Turning on your natural charm entertains your audience but you also reserve the right to spend a little time alone. The truth is youre not necessarily looking for company now with the cosmic drama playing out in your 12th House of Dreams. Nevertheless, basking in the coziness of those who know you best is good for you. Let your loved ones know youre willing to help in whatever way you can. Speak with empathy and encouragement if you hope to reach someones heart. Compassion and vulnerability are sweetest when served together.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Friday – Jan 03, 2019
Acceptance and support are the hallmarks of relationship harmony. True allies are not interested in controlling each other, but in lifting each other up. Perhaps you or a friend overstep a boundary of respect today. Emotions might run high if one of you fears that the other is steering off toward danger without any guardrails in place. But everyones entitled to pursue their happiness as they see fit. Offer your gentle warning and then let it go. Your non-judgmental approach enables you to maintain an open-door policy. Author Josh Grayson wrote, True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side.


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