Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020

Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020

Aries Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Boundaries and limits are difficult to enforce today. Instead of trying to put the lid on your imagination, leave it off. Immersing yourself in artwork from another culture will trigger a wonderful idea. This inspiration can lead you down some exciting roads now, but be careful of getting too carried away. Before starting work on a complicated project, make a list of supplies. Having everything you need within arms reach will make your creative momentum flow like a mighty river. If youre unsure how to achieve a certain effect, ask an experienced artist for help.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Confusing circumstances complicate matters in your social life, and its hard to know who to trust. This lack of clarity can extend to your long-term aspirations and dreams for the future. It could be that something you always thought you wanted suddenly seems unattainable or undesirable. Alternatively, something that you never thought you wanted becomes a sudden obsession. This lack of focus shouldnt be cause for panic. Not knowing where you are going can be fun. It helps bring your focus to the journey, rather than the destination. Wandering aimlessly can uncover hidden resources.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Conflicts in a close relationship have the potential to change how others view you. You may be concerned about what others will think about your behavior toward your romantic or business partner. At times like these, its important to remember you cant control anyone elses behavior but your own. If you want to improve your professional image, treat everyone with courtesy, regardless of their job title. Do you yearn for a closer bond? Be your own best friend. Practicing kindness will attract the opportunities you crave. Accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative will yield rewards.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Ideas centering around the topic of spirituality could have a gripping effect on you today. Youre drawn to uncover higher truth and wisdom, bringing magic down into your daily world. You want to investigate the connection between the cosmos and physical reality, finding your place in a larger whole. With such lofty ideas on your mind, its very difficult to focus on mundane affairs right now, like chores or your Monday office routine. Youll find yourself perusing the Internet during much more than just your lunch break. Occupy your inventive mind with an elaborate after-hours plan.

Leo Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
You usually like to keep things light and positive, but you are engaged in somber musings today. Finding a cathartic outlet will help you burn off the dross thats been weighing you down. Think of expressing your mood aesthetically and conveying your attitude with style. Finding just the right music to suit your inner atmosphere can also channel edgy emotions through a calming filter. Darkness isnt wholly negative; it can inspire beautiful works of art. Write down your most uncomfortable thoughts and sit with them. From this acorn a mighty tree could grow.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Difficulties can arise in your relationships today over concealed elements?–?secrets, illusions, and deceptions are driving a wedge between you. Having faith in someone is difficult when you are consumed by doubt. Your loved ones may not be very helpful, as it’s possible they disapprove of this alliance. When its impossible to see the truth of a situation, it helps to get a change of scenery. Take a solitary trip to a place with a foreign flavor. These unfamiliar surroundings could make you realize youve been putting your best friend or romantic partner on a pedestal.

Libra Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Resist the temptation to overanalyze a problem at work today. Your imagination is running rampant right now, feeding your anxiety about job security. You can calm this tendency by reducing your exposure to stimuli in your environment. Instead of getting drawn into water cooler conversations with coworkers, opt for a more secluded atmosphere that helps quiet your mind. After attending to items on your to-do list, youll forget your troubles. By the time you rejoin the group, you might see that your fears were totally unfounded.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Today youll want to stay mindful of possessiveness hijacking your thoughts. Clinging tightly to objects, money, or even people will backfire. If you feel like something must be yours — that it defines you in some way or that its part of your story — then you have given away your personal power. At times like these, its important to remember that your identity isnt reliant on circumstances. No matter who youre with, where you live, or what youre doing, you will always be a passionate person capable of dramatic transformation. When you remember this, youll feel free.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Aspects of your home life could become truly bewildering at this time. Theres an overwhelming feeling that you dont know where you belong, which naturally cultivates to wanderlust?–?should you move far away? Such extreme thinking can easily occur now. With your expansive mind, you have no problem embracing bold changes. Instead of packing your bags, though, think about ways to be more yourself in your current abode. An act of courage will take the weight off your heart. Youve always been brutally honest with yourself — now it’s time to open up to your loved ones.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
You have a way of hearing what is left unsaid in conversations. This ability to read between the lines today makes it a good time to address taboo topics. Take this opportunity to confront someone whose behavior has been wreaking havoc with your routine. Until they are forced to answer for their unpredictable antics, you will continue to struggle with life’s everyday tasks. After a heated argument, it might be necessary to shut off from the noise and get some rest. You may want to continue charging forward, but you’d benefit from taking a breather.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
Today you might run into complications with friends if you mix them with finances. Things can get squirrelly around possessions in general when it comes to social groups now. You feel tension between the urge to share versus the need to keep something for yourself. Freedom and detachment are very important to you?– to be able to maintain your own sovereignty while taking part and getting involved in the community. Find where you want to draw the line today and stick to it.?Theres no need to feel guilty about your choices.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Monday – Feb 17, 2020
You might feel lost at sea, unsure of what you want today. To make matters worse, an authority figure might insist that they know what is best for you. You will find their arrogance annoying. Instead of taking their advice to apply for a new position, youre tempted to remain in your current situation to prove a point. Dont cut off your nose to spite your face. The truth is, this person may have a point. Getting paid to exercise your imagination would be a dream come true. It may be time to take a leap — do it in your own way.