Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019

Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Perhaps the only way to demonstrate to someone that theres more than one way to crack a figurative egg is to show them. Its probably not worth it to mire yourself in a useless debate or to use ultimatums for proof today. In fact, the impulse to influence another might come more from your own lack of conviction and insecurity. If youre convinced that something can be done that a friend or foe says is impossible, be a believer regardless whether you have anyones approval or agreement. Poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote, Faith is the bird that feels the light, and sings when the dawn is still dark.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Youre ready for a new paradigm through which to look at life. You want to declutter your mind to foster deeper understandings and trigger fresh insights. You might realize that your reading list isnt aligned with your current mindset and interests. Some of your old thoughts and regular media sources may be hard to relinquish at first, like weeds in your mind; be patient and remain persistent with your pruning for the healthiest possible growth. A New Guinea proverb teaches, Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Continue to put your best foot forward and other peoples interest in you will only increase. Your recent hard work may be rewarded as you gain the respect of an authority figure. Youre likely to attract the praise of those who are more established in your craft now, possibly because you are demonstrating maturity in your discipline. Of course, you can take a compliment without inflating your ego. However, the significant element is the interaction in the present moment and not the potential of where a current engagement might lead. Gandhi said, Strength does not come from physical capacity; it comes from an indomitable will.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Watch your back if it seems as if people close to you are trying to change you. However, you dont necessarily want to accept their image of who you should be. You may be worried about losing your autonomy or your sense of self. Unfortunately, you could be uncomfortable asking for what you believe is rightly yours. Nevertheless, you are holding better cards than you realize now, but you must play them cleverly to reap the rewards. Realize your potential by assuming authority over your own game. Novelist Alice Walker wrote, The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they dont have any.

Leo Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
You may be offered a rare opportunity to influence your long-term path of personal growth today. Unfortunately, you could be so distracted by the pressures of daily living that you dont even see the possibilities when they are right in front of your nose. Of course, you must manage your current obligations in a responsible manner, but allow time and space to consider which of your routines could be upgraded to improve the quality of your life. Jordan Peterson wrote, Dont compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
You are working with the intense heat of controlled nuclear fission today. However, your energy can be so overwhelming that you might bottle it up so you dont upset others. Unfortunately, internalizing the current cosmic forces requires extreme self-restraint, which could give off a cooler impression than you wish. Consciously releasing your emotions enables you to express your creativity and warmth in a way that leaves a deep impression on those you encounter. Your quiet passion is a formidable force. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark wrote, Sometimes, a slow and gradual approach does more good than a large gesture.

Libra Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Save your energy until the moment is ripe. Trust that everything happens in its right season and nothing you do can change the timing now. Pushing yourself past the point of exhaustion and endurance wont help anything, including yourself, last longer. Goading someone into speaking with you when they obviously prefer to remain quiet wont prompt them to open up any faster today. Staying mindful enables you to be patient without trying to control anything beyond your current reach. Stop wasting time on spinning your wheels when you can focus on what matters, instead. Fashion designer Donna Karan said, Its all about finding the calm in the chaos.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Theres a gripping energetic alignment between your thoughts, heart, and expression now. Choose your message carefully since what you communicate to a friend or foe may be more influential than you realize. Your persuasive ability is powerfully strong because others understand that you mean exactly what you say and say precisely what you mean while the willful Sun joins penetrating Pluto today. Some people may even believe that its impossible for you to lie when your eyes reveal your real feelings. Art critic John Ruskin wrote, He who has truth at his heart need never fear the want of persuasion on his tongue.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Although you might hope to be in the public eye today, you dont want people to look past the surface. Youre like a book that wishes to be judged for its cover, but not because the contents are lacking. In fact, its just the opposite; you may feel like your energy is too much for anyone else to handle now. Nevertheless, you are tired of playing the role of entertainer and youre unwilling to sustain your performance for much longer. You can enjoy the best of both worlds by limiting your time in front of your audience and wisely stepping off stage to recharge your batteries. Indulge in solitude and find peace in silence.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Reexamine your current aspirations and create loftier aims that arent just about your self-interests and personal needs. If you push your own agenda today, youre likely to meet with resistance or claims that you are being manipulative. However, considering the wider community opens your heart and adds purpose to your life. Your commitment to deeply rooted principles benefits your immediate environment while also connecting you with like-minded folks. Dont give up on your dreams; dig deep like a tree and reach for the sky. Rumi wrote, “With life as short as a half-taken breath, dont plant anything but love.”

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
Acknowledging the overflow of joy in your heart does not mean you need to express your feelings out loud. Oddly enough, you might worry your emotions are too much for anyone to handle these days. Its easier to hide behind a veneer of intellectual confidence than to reveal your admiration or affection. Nevertheless, gently sharing your vulnerability softens your intensity. Simply expressing your loving words could be enough to lift everyones spirits, and might even make someone’s heart race with joy. Keep your expectations out of the equation for the sweetest results.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Monday – Jan 13, 2019
You may have mixed feelings about participating in any social activities today. On one hand, you dont want to be bothered with the complexity of conflicting desires in a group situation. Your current opinions about nearly everything are quite strong and you arent interested in public debate. On the other hand, you can see how your perspective is necessary to keep everyone on track, and you take this responsibility to heart. Fortunately, your charm is irresistible now and you can get away with saying things that might ruffle feathers at other times. Author Jose Rizal wrote, Virtue lies in the middle ground.


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