Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020

Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020

Aries Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
When a frustrating situation arises today, you may need to keep your feelings to yourself. The arrogant Sun makes a tight angle to Mars, your ruling planet, which is currently touring your 12th House of Secrecy. That means that no matter how outrageous a person behaves, you should bite your tongue. Speaking out could only make a bad situation worse. Its not your nature to ignore unfair conduct, but remaining silent is not a betrayal. Rather, its a means to form a plan to end this situation. Use your leadership skills strategically.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
You like a challenge, but don’t give in to a friend who is urging you to try something that seems dangerous. You dont share this persons desire to live on the edge, so theres no need to put yourself in harms way. Politely but firmly shut down their attempts at persuasion. If they won’t listen to reason, you may need to take a break from this person’s influence. Besides, the Sun is moving through your 2nd House of Earned Income and you have an opportunity to earn some good money today. This is the kind of adventure you enjoy.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
Though someone with an overbearing attitude may be getting on your nerves, this isnt the time to confront them on their behavior. While the attention-getting Sun is in your sign and making a square to combative Mars, your reputation could suffer if you cause a commotion. The better option right now is to remain calm in the face of aggression. Youve been gifted with a powerful intellect, so use it to make logical arguments against any outrageous orders. Eventually, this person will see the strength of your will and back down.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
It may feel like youve been relegated to the sidelines, despite having expert knowledge or impressive experience. Dwelling on the unfairness of this situation will only make things worse, so do the best you can in your administrative role. This show of humility will make a good impression on someone who has been observing your progress, and they may even be in the position to offer you a job. Working for a good cause will be both financially and emotionally rewarding. Todays discouragement can give way to profound satisfaction.

Leo Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
Although you have an optimistic view of the world, some people in your inner circle are consumed by fear and have fallen victim to greed. Therefore, a struggle over some shared funds could steal your sunshine while the Sun in your 11th House of Group Activities squares off with Mars. Instead of getting caught up in the commotion, lean on your positive attitude and assume everything will work to your advantage. Let others work out the problem while you concentrate on activities you love. Happiness is a choice.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
Disruptions in your personal life could affect your professional performance today. If youre in the middle of an argument with your best friend or romantic partner, postpone work meetings if you can and clear out time to resolve this conflict instead. It can be difficult for a conscientious and diligent person like you to put your job on the back burner, but once you do it, you’ll realize the benefits. By achieving a healthier balance between your public and private realms, your relationships will improve and so will your outlook.

Libra Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
You’d be wise to avoid discussing sensitive topics like religion and politics today, especially with colleagues. While the Sun in your philosophical 9th house squares off with aggressive Mars, you run the risk of being overly dogmatic. Part of the problem is you are always logical when making arguments, which is frustrating for those who form their opinions based on emotion. Nobody will change their stance if they feel like they’re being shamed; in fact, they’re likely to keep their distance. A softer approach will encourage others to let down their guard and open their heart.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
Blasting through a creative block may be impossible today. It’s like the harder you try to make progress on a project, the more elusive inspiration becomes. Instead, turn your attention to a job that doesnt require a lot of thought. Carrying out a routine task like chopping vegetables, weeding the garden, or dusting the house will occupy your rational mind, allowing your subconscious to play. At that point, a brilliant idea may occur. By the end of the day, you could have both a tidy house and an impressive creation.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
You prize your freedom, which makes it especially upsetting when reminders of the past hinder your present-life experiences. It’s time to rewrite your script today. Rescue a dream you once abandoned because someone discouraged or demeaned you. Practicing forgiveness doesnt mean condoning their behavior, it’s about freeing yourself of their influence over you. When you release the full force of your wit, intelligence, and optimism, you can move mountains. Use these gifts to strengthen the loving relationships in your life and cultivate a happy home life. Personal and domestic tranquility are within your reach.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
An array of technical problems could frustrate you today. However, if you feel your temper starting to mount, consider that the universe may be beckoning you to change direction. Instead of trying to catch up on work or make phone calls, you’ll have time to delve into a writing project like a journal entry or even a letter to a friend. Expressing your creative side will be more rewarding than spending the day online. You may even find that everything goes back to working normally once you’ve had this peaceful interlude. Order is restored when calm resumes.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
Working around the clock for money is a game of diminishing returns. The more energy you put forth, the less you may make. Instead of generating wealth, focus on attracting abundance today. Pour your energy into activities and relationships that bring you joy. It doesnt matter what you do or who you do it with, as long as it makes your heart feel light. Once your mood starts to lift, you’ll draw professional opportunities your way that wont sap your life force. Believe it or not, making money doesn’t have to feel like such hard work.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Saturday – Jun 6, 2020
You have your guard up today while the determined Sun squares aggressive Mars in your sign. It may feel like you are constantly having to defend yourself, especially against relatives whose desires seem diametrically opposed to yours. It will be important that you release your ego and be open to compromise. Instead of focusing on your differences of opinion, try meeting these family members in the middle. After adopting a friendlier attitude, you may be delighted to discover you can be a source of support for each other.