Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019

Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Boosting your status in the community is just one part of your ambitious strategy for success. In fact, you may be harboring big plans for elevating your professional position and increasing your financial security. Ironically, your motives might be altruistic as the Moons visit to your 2nd House of Possessions receives plenty of cosmic support. Ultimately, youre seeking to acquire more resources so you can leap to help those you love anytime they are in need. However, more is not always better if others come to depend on you instead of themselves. Philosopher Epictetus wrote, Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
You are an enigma to nearly everyone you encounter today, including your closest friends. You seem to mysteriously know things that are beyond anyones obvious mental reach. Your ability to speak so accurately about future events is puzzling, especially since your insights appear to come from your dreams or relaxed moments when you allow your mind to drift freely. Fortunately, you know not to take yourself so seriously that you puff up with pride over your intuitive knowledge. The wisdom comes through you, not just from you. Author Augustus Hare wrote, Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Your eagerness to dance to the deeper rhythms of the cosmos might catch others off guard today. Oddly enough, your real-world responsibilities may feel like a burden on your shoulder that you are happy to bear now. You delight in the silver lining to what someone else might perceive as a dark cloud, but your optimism is, in itself, your reward. Your souls purpose propels your progress. Author T. Harv Eker wrote, If you are willing to do only whats easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do whats hard, life will be easy.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
You may be reassured by the unwavering support you receive from your friends and acquaintances today. Even people providing critical feedback seem to deliver useful perspectives in a form that is easy on your ears. In fact, you might find that your trustworthy allies are willing to encourage nearly any endeavor that seems important to you now. Your current inclination for socializing bodes well for professional networking or just kicking back with those in your social circle. Count each connection as a cosmic gift. Author Jay Abraham wrote, No one ever succeeds without the help of others.

Leo Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
You can rely on a flow between thought and action that appears to border on perfection. If you are trying to learn a new process or an improved level of hand-eye coordination, youre likely to find these challenges easier now. Likewise, if youve been experiencing recent difficulty making a breakthrough with grasping a task, then you might be surprised with your progress today. Ultimately, there is a direct correlation between your hard work and the amount of transformation you witness. Poet John Dryden wrote, We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Your knowledge base speak volumes today without you having to say a word. When you know youre in the zone, others pick up on your confident energy. Somehow, you look like someone who has all the answers, so dont be shocked when random folks ask you for specific facts, complicated directions, or just general feedback on their ideas. However, your air of authority doesnt give you the right to assume you can push your way into a conversation just because you have a valid piece of information to share. Your words carry more weight when your opinion is solicited. Blessed are those who mind their own business.

Libra Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Creating happy memories with friends and family captures most of your bandwidth now. You freely speak your mind on a variety of topics, including controversial ones. Fortunately, your opinions are readily heard and understood today. Similarly, you can accept difficult news with aplomb and objectivity. However, you might not have the patience or concentration for anything labor intensive, including your chores. But the balm of spending quality time with people close to your heart proves more life-affirming and restorative than any acclaimed achievement. The simplest joys are the ones that matter the most.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Youre super persuasive without being pushy today, which is a clever feat in itself. Your words and thoughts resonate with deep feeling but land in peoples minds with practicality and clarity. You neednt fear that your perceptiveness and keen assessment skills are off-key, and thankfully, your powers of empathy and diplomacy are just as sharp. But dont wait for the opportunities to connect with others to jump into your lap. Even if youre feeling confident now, the hardest part is making the first move. Put yourself out there by conveying a long overdue message that comes from your heart.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Intellectual pursuits take center stage today. You might quickly start projects or chores and then peter out of steam. Or you relish the idea of preparing an experimental dish but end up microwaving take-out leftovers. An effective way to avoid this energetic rollercoaster is to focus on a task thats sensual and enjoyable but not too time consuming. Youre not striving to be efficient and productive now as much as languidly curious and slightly indulgent. Just pick the subjects youre inquisitive about carefully or you might end up down a rabbit hole of regret.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Your playful and lovable spirit is irrepressible today, especially when your creative genius is busy seeking the spotlight. Although youre often seen as the ambitious Mountain Goat who is only interested in climbing the next summit, you can surprise others with your capricious nature. Of course, you are committed to fulfilling your worldly obligations, but you want to indulge in lifes pleasures while the Moon in your 5th House of Fun and Games forms sweet trines to five planets in your serious sign. Self-discipline is not the only show in town. Theres no reason to postpone joy when life is so short.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
Theres nothing like enjoying the pleasure of your own company. Although you appreciate the emotional support of loved ones, you also yearn for something more today. Youre not satisfied with the humdrum of routine and are searching for mental or physical stimulation. An engrossing book can activate your imagination while youre curled up in your favorite chair. A vigorous walk can awaken your body and ground your energy. Of course, you dont need to share an experience for it to be meaningful. Author Parker Palmer wrote, Solitude does not necessarily mean living apart from others; rather, it means never living apart from one’s self.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Sunday – Jan 05, 2019
A sense of community feeds your soul. You might meet fascinating people today who already seem like members of your soul tribe. Nevertheless, youre just as happy and grateful to share quality time with old friends. You just long for the simpatico feeling of like-minded companions entertaining each other for hours on end. You may hope to discuss consequential matters, or to coordinate efforts for a community service project. Youre comfortable shooting for the Moon together, because when youre in the company of spiritual allies, you feel youre already among the stars.


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