Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020

Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020

Aries Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
You could start to realize you’ve bitten off more than you can chew once expansive Jupiter goes retrograde in your 10th House of Professionalism today, and some adjustments may be needed. Downsizing your expectations will not only make it easier to reach goals, but it also has the hidden benefit of improving your personal life. When youre not pouring all your energy into landing the perfect job, you have more time for family. Domestic pursuits can provide a nice counterbalance to assembling the perfect portfolio and honing your interviewing skills. Emotional fulfillment paves the way to worldly success.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
Your moneymaking ability may be quite strong today thanks to a trine between the supportive Moon and lucrative Venus. Don’t hesitate to market some handmade goods through a website or social media portal. People are yearning for products that both serve practical needs and provide comfort. Because ample Jupiter also begins its retrograde in your 9th House of Expansion today, this business will not be an overnight success — it will take time and care to cultivate this operation. Fortunately, your reduced schedule will allow for a nurturing approach. Slow and steady wins the race.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
You may feel like you’re on top of the world today. Attractive Venus is touring your 1st House of Self, causing others to sit up and take notice of you. Don’t be surprised if your inbox gets flooded with messages — everybody wants to hear your voice, get your opinion, or simply flirt with you. It’s lovely to be wanted. Your added charisma could even help you gain access to some kind of exclusive institution which leads to a prestigious grant or scholarship. Be patient if these resources don’t come in right away — the universe is on your side.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
While everyone else is clamoring to socialize, you might be happy to stay home and be quiet today. That’s because the caring Moon forms an obliging trine to Venus in your 12th House of Solitude. Quiet activities like reading, writing, and prayer can soothe your soul. Don’t feel compelled to answer the phone or respond to text messages. Being on your own could even make you more self-sufficient, which is good news as exaggerated Jupiter goes retrograde in your 7th House of Partnerships today. Satisfying your own needs can strengthen your close alliances.

Leo Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
Stop telling yourself it’s too late to achieve a goal you’ve had since childhood. Now that the caring Moon makes a helpful trine to Venus in your 11th House of Hopes and Dreams, you would be wise to follow your bliss today. Develop your artistic talent, market some luxury products, or adopt a more glamorous image. Meanwhile, it’s possible your job could be put on hold due to Jupiter turning retrograde in your 6th House of Work. If that’s the case, take this as a sign that the universe has something better planned for you.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
People are impressed by your ability to set a gracious tone, regardless of the circumstances. When everyone feels anxious, you’re able to break the ice with some tasteful jokes and sincere compliments. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to take the helm of a work project or volunteer organization today. Your peers have faith that you’ll steer them to victory. Yet while you’re preoccupied with work matters, your personal life may also demand attention. A former romantic partner might try to make their way back into your life. Social distancing can work to your advantage.

Libra Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
Maintaining a routine that’s too structured could keep you from realizing your potential. Mix things up today by feeding your fascination for a foreign country, philosophy, or spiritual practice. Although your options for travel are limited, you can still prepare for a future trip. Take this opportunity to learn another language or research the history of your dream destination. It will make your ultimate experience more immersive and meaningful. If someone close to you gets anxious easily, though, keep your big plans under wraps until they’re a realistic possibility.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
You could experience a financial windfall today through a close relationship. Thanks to the nurturing Moon’s supportive trine to luxurious Venus, a gift, inheritance, or legal settlement may come your way through a close partner. Don’t hesitate to spend this blessing on creature comforts; you are long overdue for some luxury. Especially if you were forced to cancel a vacation due to current travel restrictions, indulging in some clothes, music, or decor could help lift any upset feelings. Treating yourself like royalty may even cause others to look at you with newfound respect.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
Relationships are a source of tremendous happiness for you. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in a romantic situation or not; you will feel cherished and appreciated today thanks to best friends, coworkers, and other close alliances. When your ruling planet Jupiter turns retrograde in your 2nd House of Finances today, a traditional source of earned income could dry up. Though you like to go your own way, you’d be wise to accept help from these same people who are expressing their respect for you. The universe is endlessly abundant; don’t limit your access to its gifts.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
You’ve always had an emotional attachment to work, and this is especially true today while the caring Moon trines prosperous Venus in your 6th House of Labor. Whether you’ve been laid off your job or are suddenly in the position of homeschooling your kids, know that you have something valuable to offer the world. Be open to adopting a new role that reflects the changing needs of society. Or, if you are still working and providing essential services to the public, focus on spreading messages of hope to the people you serve.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
Your zest for life could surge today, causing you to look at even the most routine practices through rose-colored glasses. Take this opportunity to linger over your breakfast, pick some clothes that enhance your best features, and splash on some cologne. The more appreciative you are of your surroundings today, the easier it will be to attract love, luck, and abundance. However, now that jovial Jupiter is moving retrograde through your 12th House of Solitude, you must guard against defeating thoughts and unwarranted fears. Self-doubt is the only thing that might undermine your progress now.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Thursday – May 14, 2020
Domestic pursuits give you an opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries. Although you may be missing your nearest and dearest, it’s important for an introvert like you to spend lots of time on your own. Pouring your energy into cooking, cleaning, and decorating will be rewarding today. This interlude is giving you a newfound appreciation for your surroundings. Don’t hesitate to carve out a quiet nook that’s dedicated to activities that bring you joy. It’s easy to be loving and giving when you know you can always escape to your private island.