Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019

Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019

Aries Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
This could be a day when you won’t quite know what has hit you. The planetary aspect that is forming brings you into contact with someone who will most likely knock your socks off. It may be someone who has been a friend up until today, or even a friend of a friend. You won’t be able to mistake the power in the look that you exchange. There will be a sizzle in it.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
Money can be quite a stimulant to passion in certain circumstances. Today is certainly a day when fires are burning red hot in the romance department. The heavenly alignment reveals that you will most likely discover just how much real depth you share with another, and how far they are prepared to go to make things work between you. Somehow finance is the spark that lights that fire.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
How far are you prepared to go in declaring your feelings for another? The day’s planetary alignment means that you have every chance today to not only tell, but also show how much they mean to you. The setting may be on some perfect sun-kissed beach or at home in the kitchen, but the emotion will take you way out, and you may not want to come back!

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
Some secret fires are burning right now. There is a powerful energy in the atmosphere that could really transform for the better any relationship you would like to see changed. The key is taking action when it seems appropriate. You will most certainly get a chance to deepen a significant relationship; and you would be wise to take it.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
The celestial alignment today makes for some interesting experiences in the love and romance department. You have the chance to take one particular person to the heights of passion or the depths of feeling, or both, if you can cope with so much fire all in one day. If you can’t, and wish to be a little detached, you can certainly do so, but may miss out on a great opportunity.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
The celestial alignment that is forming takes you into some interesting territory in connection with your career. A certain connection could deepen into something very special. All it may take is one small incident to trigger off the hidden passion. If you are in a close relationship, then expect it to transform into something extra sparkling today, which will put a sheen on it for some time to come.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
There is nothing the slightest bit wishy-washy about relationships today. There is every chance that you and your loved one will be able to explore some pretty deep and normally unfathomable levels. Today’s planetary energy puts a great force into the air that can move through obstacles like a knife through butter. If you are afraid of passion, you’d better run a mile!

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
Don’t expect an ordinary day in terms of partners and relationships. Anything, literally anything, could happen with today’s aspect at play. If you have wanted to tell someone how you feel, you will have the chance to deepen your bond, not just a little, but an awful lot in a relatively short period of time. You will feel as though you have always known them.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
Today’s astral configuration indicates that you have quite a day ahead of you. There is a strong energy around that will not take no for an answer. Action is the answer to any problems – you usually enjoy talking, but today conversation goes out the window. Be prepared to show your loved one exactly how you feel. This is entirely appropriate, and will be taken in the right way.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
It is whilst at work or moving around carrying out your daily routines, that you encounter the magic force of the day’s planetary aspect. If you are a little afraid of passion with a capital “P,” then perhaps it is best to run whilst you have the chance. Once you are enmeshed in the situation, it will be too late, and you probably won’t want to leave.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
As you are generally in love with love, you will adore the day’s planetary aspect, which brings you all your heart could desire in terms of a highly desirable and deeply exciting romantic situation. If you meet someone new, you may feel as though you have known them all your life – and perhaps for more than one life. Prepare to be thrilled!

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Aug 16, 2019
There is something intensely powerful and passionate, as well as secret about the events of today. The day’s planetary alignment highlights a liaison, which no one else may know about. It seems to be something that has been kept under wraps for some time, for your own particular reasons. This bond deepens considerably today, and as a result, may have a very powerful effect on your life.


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