Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020

Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020

Aries Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
Contact with countries abroad intensifies today in a powerful way. There is one particular link concerning a friend and perhaps a higher education program that may change your life. You could be taken on a journey into new cultures and new ways of life. If you meet a person tied to this for the first time today, then the relationship will be ongoing.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
If you are considering purchasing anything with a partner, whether furniture or an investment, then this could be a lucky day, especially if the item you need is connected with your home in some way. You will be able to spot that amazing bargain, and will also have opportunities to find real treasures. Whether at a sale or in an auction, you will be very pleased with what you buy.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
Today is certainly a time when partnerships, relationships, and meetings with people are strongly indicated. You will have many chances to interact with others, and to exchange ideas with them. You will also find that there may be one person you resonate with particularly, someone who makes you feel really good. Whether this is love or friendship, you will enjoy the contact.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
Love may catch up with you today while you are tending to a friend or family member who is under the weather. You may want to cheer someone up, but come out feeling mightily cheered yourself. You may encounter someone you have met before, perhaps an old school chum, and somehow the past is relevant. You both seem to form an instant rapport, and the future suddenly seems very much brighter.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
The day’s planetary configuration warns that although you may be feeling full of life and energy, you may have a tendency to go to extremes. Whether you and your partner (current or prospective) are going dancing or out for a quiet drink, it could turn into something of an extravaganza if you are not careful. You will have a great time, but remember to save some energy for tomorrow.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
Whether it is nostalgia or just the sheer release from a time of pressure, you feel like putting your feet up, relaxing, and letting life roll over you. The day’s celestial lineup brings with it the urge to abandon all timetables and rigid plans in favor of a day of feasting and enjoyment. Both you and your partner (current or prospective) deserve this time of utter decadence.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
It seems that the more life-changing ideas you can dream up, the better. The day’s celestial configuration brings you into brainstorming mode. You feel the need to move through a transformational experience with your soul mate, to do something that will change your lives and change your outlook. You may well discover what you are looking for – and life may never be the same again.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
Money and resources are useful to purchase different types of experiences. The day’s celestial configuration suggests that you have a decision to make concerning love and finance. You can use financial resources to do something that makes a difference to both of you. Alternatively you can buy a loved one a very nice present that may have an equally potent effect. The choice is yours – decide wisely.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
It seems that whatever you do today has a powerful effect on the life of someone close to you. The planetary energy at play brings with it the desire and the ability to forge full speed ahead. Naturally, you would like a partner to be right there with you. But if they are unable to, you may need to be prepared to go the next few steps alone.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
Everyone needs a little rest and recuperation. Today’s astral energy means it is vital for you to take time out to regenerate yourself and feel good about life once more. Certain events may have taken the wind out of your sails, and it is necessary that you find time to be alone. If attached, send your partner (current or prospective) out on errands and put your feet up.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
Friends certainly know how to get you all wound up today. The planetary alignment brings up a tricky situation, in which you can decide to either take something further, or simply not bother at all. There seems to be no middle ground – no halfway house, no “let’s see how we get on.” Either you do or you don’t. Take your time in order to choose wisely.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Mar 20, 2020
The alignment of the planets brings your love life into focus once again. If you are experiencing a blaze of passion, you can expect things to get even hotter today. A loved one will not want you to coo and cluck, or do your usual gooey number. They want action, thrills, and spills! Are you up to the mark? Think carefully about what you agree to do.