Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020

Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020

Aries Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
There is a much softer and far more amenable quality in the air, especially with the current aspect at play. Under this very romantic cosmic influence, you don’t need to spot a potential partner and then rush in for the kill immediately. You can approach them slowly (online or in a text, perhaps) and take your time working out how best to win them over to your point of view. Easy does it!

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
The current celestial energy could do wonders for your love life if you are not in too much of hurry. There is a natural warmth around right now, which helps people to open up to each other and encourages positive communication all round. If you are looking for that special person, just focus on what you have to give, rather than what you can get. This works wonders.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
Don’t worry if you don’t feel your confident best this evening. Make the effort to at least communicate with the person you’re attracted to, as it will certainly be well worth it. The current planetary alignment implies that you will have a wonderful time talking, and find that you have so much more in common than you originally imagined. But you will also find a powerful chemistry present as well – an added bonus!

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
Current planetary energies give romance a real opportunity to blossom where previously nothing seemed to be happening at all. Whether you are both willing to give each other more of a chance on this occasion, or perhaps you see something in each other that you never really noticed before – you have the potential to be star struck, and Cupid will score a direct hit.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
Today’s astral energy implies a great day for all aspects of romance and romancing. It is that soft yielding look that will bring you success in all ways. If you’re able to see your special someone in person, try wearing clothes that have a sensuous filmy and slightly transparent quality, and wear a subtle but gorgeous fragrance to match. You will certainly have plenty to keep you smiling and occupied for some time to come.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
Today’s interplay of planetary energies creates a wonderful chance for a real romantic break. You can enjoy being with the one you love, and it may be a good idea to take time out to do something special so that you can strengthen the bond between you. If you are single, then attending a virtual event this evening may yield a valuable prize.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
Love and romance are fierier and more passionate with today’s celestial configuration. You will find it easier to express your feelings than you have of late. Whether you do so verbally, or by purchasing a wonderful gift for your sweetheart, you will feel just as good about giving this compliment as they will about receiving it. In fact, any way you can enhance your relationship will be beneficial.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
Today’s celestial energy brings with it an opportunity to bring back some warmth into a personal relationship that may have gone a little icy of late. Whatever the reason for the lack of communication, the cosmos has conveniently turned the heat up so that any difficulties between you will gradually melt away. To start off, you could both begin by giving each other a wonderful huge hug.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
People are more open to expressing their feelings with today’s celestial energy, which makes life a lot easier in terms of a current personal relationship. No matter how much you may have tried to get your sweetheart to admit to their feelings for you, whether by fair means or foul, you may not have succeeded. But today, with no effort on your behalf, they will now divulge everything.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
The current planetary configuration could make today quite an interesting experience in terms of your love life. If you are going to see each other this evening, then expect it to be a wonderful occasion, in which both you and your potential partner will get on like a house on fire. In fact, the genuine warmth you feel for each other will be very noticeable.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
You are in for a treat, with today’s planetary energy. There is a wonderful feeling of harmony in the air that will enable both you and a loved one to enjoy yourselves. Whether you’re able to go out and do something or stay in and create an atmosphere of perfect intimacy for just the two of you, you will feel a lot happier for having spent some quality time together.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Jun 1, 2020
The current astral energy is perfect for enjoying a great night with someone special. If they like dressing up as much as you do, then you can have a lot of fun together choosing what you will wear and what accessories go with your outfits. This is one occasion where you can look and feel your best no matter what you decide to do together.