Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020

Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020

Aries Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
Today’s planetary configuration brings with it high expectations of a great conversation with someone rather wonderful. And you will not be disappointed, especially as you are feeling that much more confident and courageous. There is really no need to worry about anything, or to wear any particular good luck charms to help the course of love run smoothly. It is destined to – so be happy.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
With today’s celestial energy, you may have some interesting and novel experiences in terms of your love life. There is a natural move toward experimentation and to doing everything differently. If you are lucky enough to see your love (in person or virtually), try wearing clothes that make you feel confident. They will love seeing a very alternative side of you, one that doesn’t get to play very often.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
Things certainly won’t go as planned with the aspect at play today. For starters, your feelings may seem to have run away with you, and are anything but under your control. One minute you feel madly in love, and the next you want space, and time to go off and do your own thing. This is a passing phase; it won’t last, but may give your love interest something to think about.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
Today’s celestial energy encourages you to express yourself in unusual ways, and to take the more original and alternative viewpoint in any argument. Weird conversations are strange, but you will still enjoy them just for the sheer novelty value. Talk about some of your more peculiar hobbies, or some of the bizarre things you have experienced.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
You quite enjoy the thought of being swept away by someone different, a loner perhaps. Today’s aspect indicates the possibility of one such meeting, along with the possibility that this could be a person willing to confide in you, and talk to you in ways that they cannot seem to with anyone else. There is the potential to connect at a really deep level here. Keep an open mind and see how it goes.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
Today’s planetary alignment may have you on tenterhooks, as you could very well find it difficult to fathom your partner (current or prospective)’s behavior. You are used to having them orbit around you continuously, like a planet around the sun, and may be thrown into a panic when they seem quite happy to go off and do things by themselves – totally unsupervised. Leave them alone; they need a bit of space right now.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
The current celestial configuration gives you the extra confidence needed to get in touch with someone very special. Even if you make the first move but get rejected, you will know that this was one opportunity that you did not dare pass by. All you need is some sparkling conversation and a really good reason to make sure that their mind is on you. Get thinking!

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
It is better to say how you feel, especially as you have the full backing of the cosmos to enable you to do so. The current aspect at play gives you the extra courage you need to make a leading statement without needing to be prompted. Your partner (current or prospective) is likely to be very impressed and touched that you have dared to go so far as to make yourself vulnerable.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
The current astral configuration is great for patching up difficulties within your current relationship. There is a great deal of warmth around in the atmosphere, which will make you lose that tendency to keep your feelings hidden, and encourage you to be more open and responsive to your dearest love. Take advantage of this to deepen your bond even further.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
If you have recently become involved in a new relationship, the current planetary alignment will help you to realize what an adventure this is. You have only just begun to get to know each other, and are already excited about what you have discovered. You may be prompted to undertake a project that will combine both your skills and give you even more to look forward to.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
The planetary configuration brings some sunshine into your love life and assures you that all is well between you and your love interest. You are safe to express your joy that they are your partner (current or prospective), and to suggest you start planning somewhere interesting and entertaining you can go and do at some point in the future. You will feel happy to share some of your deeper feelings, and they will appreciate this also.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Saturday – May 16, 2020
Show your enthusiasm for your beloved today. The current planetary alignment encourages you to share your real feelings, and not to hide behind an air of disinterested cynicism. You will have a much more enjoyable time if you can be honest and let them see that you really do mean what you say. Pick out an original gift for them just to really send the message home.