Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscopes – August 22, 2021

Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscopes – August 22, 2021

On August 22, 2021, at 8:03 AM EST, the Moon will be full in the sign of Aquarius, making a resistance to the Sun in Leo. Under this Full Moon, we can hope to arrive at lucidity with respect to how we can upgrade and advance our lives.

Leo energy is identified with inventiveness, fun loving nature, and youngsters, so use insurance in the event that you plan on getting spirited during the Full Moon! Then again, Aquarius energy esteems longterm arranging and advancement, implying that this Full Moon is an extraordinary chance to sort out how best to introduce yourself to the world. There is no compelling reason to surge the interaction or unexpectedly switch the content. Difficult work and assurance will have the effect.

This Full Moon will be at 29 degrees, which makes a difference from the Full Moon on July 23, 2021, which was at 1 degree—bookending the sign of Aquarius. You’re planning to step up, so ensure that you’re setting a firm establishment to work from.

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