Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes – November 30, 2020


Eclipse season begins on November 30, 2020 (1:30 AM Pacific Time) with a full moon/lunar eclipse at 8°38’ of Gemini.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes – November 30, 2020

As we enter this transformational time, many of us can sense that there are bigger and better things ahead. But before we can fully embrace these new possibilities, we’ll need to understand where we’ve been—and what we’ve been through—in the past year.


Still, like any sign, Gemini has its challenges—which this eclipse is also likely to amplify. It reveals the distractions that take up too much of our time and attention, scatter our energies, and make it hard to focus on what matters. It also shows where we’re taking “poetic license” with the truth, perhaps not being totally honest with ourselves or each other. Lunar eclipses are all about letting go, so consider which of these patterns you might be ready to release at this time.

With the moon’s North Node in Gemini, we’re all learning how to express the mutable air sign’s energy in more enlightened ways. Meanwhile, the sun and South Node in Sagittarius reveal what we are unlearning: the need to always be right, the tendency to be overly idealistic or dogmatic in our beliefs, to exaggerate, stereotype, or over-generalize.

As Neptune stands still at 18°10’ of Pisces (where he just stationed direct on November 28), his T-square with the nodes challenges our perceptions of reality. It may be difficult to distinguish facts from feelings, so we’ll want to watch out for confirmation bias. Rather than seeing and hearing what you want to be true, try to focus on what’s actually there. Aim for honesty and integrity in all communications.

Neptune’s T-square also challenges us to give each other grace in the moments where we get it wrong. Rather than doubling down on our mistakes, we can use them as teachable moments to learn and understand more about each other’s diverse life experiences.

True, with eclipse ruler Mercury in skeptical Scorpio, we may not feel inclined to give each other the benefit of the doubt. And in some cases, our suspicions may be justified. Mercury’s sextiles with Saturn and Pallas Athena in Capricorn encourage us to think strategically, do our “homework,” and read between the lines to recognize underlying patterns.

Once Mercury moves into Sagittarius on December 1, our attitude becomes less investigative and more inclusive. We’ll be less focused on getting to the bottom of things, and more excited to broaden our horizons.