Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes – June 5, 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes – June 5, 2020

Eclipse season begins on Friday, June 5, 2020 (12:12 PM Pacific) with a full moon/lunar eclipse at 15°34’ Sagittarius.

This eclipse initiates a month-long process of releasing old energy and emotions and making way for new inspiration! Ruled by expansive Jupiter, the Sag full moon highlights our need for freedom and space to broaden our own horizons and grow to our fullest potential. But with Jupiter currently retrograde and conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, forces beyond our control are restricting our range of movement.

Fortunately, Sag’s trademark optimism can help us find freedom within these imposed limitations. Jupiter’s blessings may seem scarce… if we’re looking for them “out there.” But there’s an abundance to be found “in here,” if we’re willing to seek them out.


This eclipse brings exciting opportunities for learning and growth. But to receive its knowledge and wisdom, we’ll have to keep our minds wide open. After all, as the sun in Gemini reminds us: No matter how much we think we know, there’s always something new to learn. And with Venus retrograde in Gemini, we’re discovering that many of our old beliefs, interests, and values no longer hold the same meaning. The full moon’s opposition to Venus asks, what inspires us now?


ARIES: Life’s a journey, Aries, not a destination. So if you’ve stayed in the same place for too long (either physically or mentally), this eclipse hits you with a serious case of wanderlust! Still, right now inner explorations may be even more exciting than outer ones.

TAURUS: The elephant in the room: If anyone’s going to bring it up right now, Taurus, it’s probably you. You’re not afraid to say what everyone’s thinking… even if it’s unlikely to win you any friends. Just try to keep the drama to a minimum (especially online!).

GEMINI: It’s like falling in love all over again, Gemini: Recently, you’ve been rediscovering what makes you, you. But what you value most in yourself and what others see in you can be wildly different things. If they can’t handle the real you, maybe that’s their problem.

CANCER: Your work means the world to you, Cancer—still, sometimes you yearn for something more. And at this eclipse, you feel that stirring in your soul. Responsibilities alone aren’t enough to give meaning to life, so make sure you’re also cultivating a rich inner landscape.

LEO: To thine own self be true, Leo! At this eclipse, there’s no holding back that larger-than-life personality of yours. Still, you’ve got to adapt your distinctive style to ever-evolving norms and trends. It’s not about selling out your values, just finding new ways of embodying them.

VIRGO: Back to your roots, Virgo! This eclipse reconnects you with the memories, traditions, and family ties that nourish your soul and bring meaning to your life. But you may be surprised to realize how far you’ve strayed from your sense of home—so take this time to nurture yourself.

LIBRA: Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Libra, this 90s throwback jam would make a fabulous eclipse theme song for you! You’re clearing out mental clutter, rethinking old assumptions, and becoming more selective about which ideas and information receive your valuable energy and attention.

SCORPIO: You want it bad, Scorpio… and someone wants to give it to you! The only thing standing between you and whatever “it” is, is the crazy notion that it’ll only have value if you get it for yourself. This eclipse invites you to reconsider receptivity.

SAGITTARIUS: As a student of life, Sag, relationships are your greatest teachers. But at this eclipse, the lessons are just as likely to come from past relationships as current ones. Reflecting on these people and experiences brings major realizations about who you were then… and who you are now.

CAPRICORN: Someone’s got to be a realist, Capricorn, so it might as well be you. Still, as you avoid giving people false hope, it’s easy to go to the opposite extreme. This eclipse brings your inner optimist out of the shadows, just when it’s needed most.

AQUARIUS: Dust off that vision board, Aquarius! It’s time to check the status of a long-term plan, goal, or creative project. Your ideas may seem less achievable—at least with the resources currently available to you. But don’t give up; Ask for what you need to see them through.

PISCES: Your upbringing sets you on a particular path. But now, Pisces, it’s time to answer a higher calling! This eclipse reveals new insights about your life purpose, and challenges you to release whatever’s held you back from pursuing it wholeheartedly until now.