Gemini 2020 February Monthly Love Horoscope

Gemini 2020 February Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF FEB 2020: The key to a banging sex life is communication, a lesson you’ll learn this month starting when Mercury enters Pisces on February 3. Ask your lover what they like and don’t like in the bedroom and how they’re feeling during the act. You’ll learn so much! However, be chill about this new information. Venus entering Aries on the seventh might tempt you into pushing your lover’s boundaries, but that would be unwise. Just keep listening.

Keep using your mouth this month, but for talking, not kissing. Asteroid Juno retrogrades on February 8, encouraging you to communicate with your lover. You might not always like what you hear, but getting your feelings out there will lead to hotter, more intimate sex when the full moon is in Leo that weekend. And remember to keep an open mind when Mercury retrogrades and Mars enters Capricorn on the sixteenth. You might discover a new kink.

By February 18, the sun enters Pisces and your communication has paid off. Now it’s time to use your mouth for more fun things. Plan a sexy Valentine’s Day 2.0 for the twenty-third, when the new moon is in Pisces, and watch the sparks fly.