Gemini July 2018 Horoscope

Gemini July 2018 Horoscope

If you’ve been wondering when all of those promised freelance assignments are going to come through, this is the month. Any stalls you’ve been experiencing with that dream job or the work projects you’ve been waiting for will be over after July 10. In fact, you’re going to be so busy with work assignments until November 8 that there’s a good chance you’ll need to decline a couple of those opportunities. Hey, too much work is a good place to be!

Finances are also looking brighter, no doubt as a result of this massive change in work. A Solar Eclipse on July 12 will land in your earned income sector, ushering in potent energy for new or improved revenue streams. Just remember to be smart with your money since it’s possible that an outside influence will try to control your pennies. This might be your spouse or partner, especially if he or she isn’t doing as well as you are these days. There might be some unconscious — or even open — resentment about your success on his or her part. If you sense this is the case, you’ll want to tread lightly. It might be that your partner is going through a rough patch in his or her own career, feeling unfulfilled, or even out of work. If so, your support might come across as rubbing failure in their face. This is not your intention, but the more insecure your partner is about this situation, the more likely the shadow side of their behavior will emerge.

Communications matters become messy by July 26 when Mercury turns retrograde right in your message sector. Mercury will be hibernating until August 19 and this won’t be your best time to sign contracts, make important decisions, or move ahead with big ticket item purchases such as a new car or electronic device. You might also notice more misunderstandings between you and children or a lover. This will, however, be a perfect time to revise a writing project — the more creative the better!

A Lunar Eclipse on July 27 might feel deflating if you’re involved in a legal matter. You might hear disappointing news that makes you want to give up altogether. Another possibility is that you are giving up on pursuing an advanced degree, license, or certification. Suddenly, your goals in terms of education are shifting. It’s fine if you don’t have all the answers. This month, it’s the questions that matter.


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