Gemini September 2018 Horoscope

Gemini September 2018 Horoscope

Your mind and energy will be decidedly family-oriented this month, Gemini. It all starts on September 5 when Mercury, your ruler, enters your domestic 4th house. Until September 21 you’ll spend a lot more time thinking about and communicating with your clan. You might also host relatives who are visiting from out of town, and if this happens, you’ll really enjoy connecting. Since Mercury has now shifted into the sign of Virgo, however, it’s very likely that you’re thinking about home improvement. This can be anything from ways to make your home more efficient and organized to ways you can improve your family’s health and personal improvement. It’ll be a great time to buy the fitness equipment you’ve wanted to, because there is little chance it will become a dust collector or a place to hang coats. No, with this energy, you will use it!

Another possibility is that you are looking around your house and realize that you’re coming close to resembling someone on a recent episode of Hoarders. This will be a great time to have a garage sale, donate to your favorite charity, or just throw out whatever you know is taking up space. You are all about the Pareto Principle this month when it comes to your environment: you know, the rule that states you use 20% of what you own 80% of the time. That will help you get rid of the other 80% of stuff that’s just taking up valuable real estate.

A New Moon in the same area of your chart on September 9 adds to the feeling of wanting a clean slate domestically. You might even be considering a move, and if so, you’ll be in great shape because there will be so much less to pack!

A shift in your social life is possible by the end of the month thanks to the Full Moon on September 24. This lunation is at a harsh angle to Saturn, now in your 8th House of Trauma. It’s possible that one of your friends has betrayed your trust in some way and because of this, you might decide to cut ties completely. If this happens, there won’t be any second chances.

On a happier note, you might also be ready to release a website, social media campaign, YouTube channel, webinar, or other technology-related project that you’ve been putting your heart and soul into. If you’re someone who is his or her own brand, you can expect plenty of attention and comments about your authenticity and ground-breaking approach.


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