Here is Your Winter Seasonal Horoscope

Here is Your Winter Seasonal Horoscope

The winter solstice on December 21 will usher in the start of a completely new season—and energy—in the midst of the hectic holiday season, which is filled with parties, deadlines, and exhausting travel. The coldest and quietest season of the year, which can feel like a welcome respite because it encourages reflection and stillness, officially begins with the arrival of winter. This could be especially upsetting after a year that was unavoidably jam-packed with even more frenetic activity than usual. You might be motivated to find your center so that you can get serious about your vision for the conclusion of this year and the start of the next as the sun transitions from jovial fire sign Sagittarius into diligent earth sign Capricorn.

Mars, the planet of action and energy, is still in retrograde as winter begins, making it difficult to gain momentum until January 12. Hibernation and inward work are preferable to rushing through a period of time designed for rest. And the more you can accept that, the more revitalized and prepared you’ll be to get started in earnest in the middle to end of January.

Several additional significant dates include: Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn from December 29 to January 18, so you should tie up any loose ends before making any resolutions for 2023. But on January 21, when a passionate, exciting new moon in Aquarius harmonizes with Jupiter and Mars, you’ll feel more energized. Venus, the planet of love, will then align with Saturn, the planet of commitment, in Aquarius on the 22nd, paving the way for serious conversations (possibly DTR) and an increased willingness to work hard to realize your romantic or artistic ambitions. One of the most romantic days of the year occurs on March 2, when Venus joins forces with fortunate Jupiter in fiery Aries. Saturn, the slow-moving taskmaster, will enter Pisces the following week on March 7, beginning a lengthy new phase of societal learning and growth that will last until 2026 and is particularly connected to spirituality.

Here are the supportive, rousing movements you can expect this season, in light of your zodiac sign. (Make certain to peruse your rising sign as well as your sun.)

Winter Seasonal Horoscopes


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