Horoscopes for Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn – July 4, 2020

Horoscopes for Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn – July 4, 2020

Eclipse season reaches its cathartic conclusion on July 4, 2020 with a full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn (9:44 PM Pacific, 13°38’).

As the sign governing structure, order, and the societal status quo, Capricorn tends to keep its messier emotions on a tight leash. But with so much of our emotional energy bound up in systems that have grown stagnant and even toxic, this eclipse demands some kind of release. In many cases, this means breaking up the systems themselves, in order to make way for something better.

Still, to the best of our abilities, we must release this volatile energy in ways that minimize harm and show respect for each other’s boundaries (both physical and emotional). This is where we can all benefit from the stoic self-discipline of a Capricorn moon.

While our feelings may be valid, right now personal sensitivities are likely to be outweighed by more pressing collective concerns. Out of respect for this larger reality, it may be necessary to contain our emotions until we can find a more appropriate time and place to express them.


ARIES: “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Aries, you’ve probably given this response before to people complaining about their stressful jobs. But at this eclipse, you’re the one in the hot seat. If you can rise to the occasion, these character-building experiences will ultimately make you stronger and wiser.

TAURUS: Boundaries can protect us, Taurus. But the ones we erect in our minds don’t always keep us as safe as we think they do. This eclipse reveals where your own mental boundaries may be shutting out thought processes and discussions from which you (or others) stand to benefit.

GEMINI: If a “support system” is breaking down now, Gemini, it probably just appeared to be supporting you. This eclipse is time to say goodbye to disempowering relationship dynamics that undermine your independence. Vulnerability can be a strength, but you’ll have to be secure enough in yourself to walk away.

CANCER: People might say you’ve got a “thin skin,” Cancer. But you’ve fought long and hard to feel comfortable in it. As you come home to yourself and renew your devotion to this primary relationship, the other relationships in your life may require some restructuring.

LEO: Ideally, Leo, your life would run like a well-oiled machine. But this eclipse forces you to admit that the ways you’ve grown used to structuring your time and organizing your life just aren’t working anymore. Rather than pushing for non-stop productivity, it might be time to take a break.

VIRGO: Time is precious, Virgo. And for busy people like you, free time is an especially hot commodity! This eclipse reveals which activities and associations are taking up too much of yours. If they aren’t the people or priorities you really care about, it’s time to let them go.

LIBRA: Is your home life feeling less than homey? If so, Libra, you may want to rethink what your family of origin has taught you about domestic bliss. This eclipse is a perfect time to release childhood conditioning that doesn’t feel like home to you—and balance “tough love” with gentle nourishment.

SCORPIO:  What are you thinking, Scorpio? At times, it’s a mystery even to you. This eclipse urges you to break down the mental and emotional barriers that are preventing you from being fully understood. It’s not about having no boundaries, just softening the edges of the ones you do have.

SAGITTARIUS: Conventional standards of success aren’t where it’s at, Sag. But if for some reason you’ve been pushing yourself to meet them anyway, this eclipse lets you off the hook. Focusing on intangible values—like care and concern for others—brings you a stronger sense of safety and security.

CAPRICORN: In your own mind, Capricorn, you’re the “strong, silent type.” But this eclipse makes it painfully clear that others might be experiencing your energy differently. Your sternness and stoicism could be intimidating people, rather than helping them feel safe and secure. Sometimes more tenderness and care are needed.

AQUARIUS: Subconscious patterns take a long time to form, Aquarius—and sometimes even longer to change. Still, this eclipse presents opportunities to release some of yours once and for all. The key is to take your time, and be kind and gentle with yourself while you navigate this process.

PISCES: A future you can believe in. It’s coming, Pisces—but this eclipse reveals that it may not look how you’ve envisioned it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since many of the old, oppressive assumptions about what’s possible are now up for grabs. Reimagine and reshape your life’s trajectory!