Horoscopes For The February 2020 New Moon in Pisces

Horoscopes For The February 2020 New Moon in Pisces

On February 23, 2020 at 7:32 a.m. Pacific Time, the new moon will be at 4°29’ Pisces.

This new moon in the most mystical of all signs brings the perfect time either to begin your spiritual journey or rededicate yourself to the path. It’s less about organized religion, and more about our own direct experience of the divine—those transcendent moments when we sense our oneness with all there is, and the feelings of unconditional love and compassion these moments inspire.


Whatever our intentions, with this new moon conjunct Mercury, writing them down or voicing them out loud can be especially powerful. Still, it’s important to remember that Mercury is retrograde (until the Virgo full moon on March 9) and feeling like a fish out of water in dreamy, intuitive Pisces. We may need a little more time to meditate, reflect, and get our facts straight before taking any leaps of faith.

Fortunately, we have an earthy Mars/Uranus trine to help keep our feet on the ground and our dreams rooted in reality. And this new moon sextiles both Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn, activating the energies of that trine (which was exact on February 21).


ARIES: Slow your roll, Aries! For you, this new moon is less about putting yourself out there and more about finding silence and stillness within. Initiating (or returning to) some form of meditation practice helps you reconnect with your deepest self and receive inner guidance for navigating the outer world.

TAURUS: Back to the drawing board, Taurus: As you rapidly evolve into someone new, you find yourself reconsidering your goals and aspirations and dreaming up a new plan for the future. Take a second look at ideas you once dismissed as “unrealistic”—they may be more doable now!

GEMINI: Getting noticed is easy, Gemini—the real challenge is keeping your “audience” interested and invested after the novelty of this new moon wears off. Still, with a little imagination and a lot of integrity, it’s possible both to keep it fresh and keep it real.

CANCER: Imagine the possibilities, Cancer! This new moon finds you envisioning a new future and renewing your faith in life. You’ve got a stronger sense of what you’re looking for, and growing confidence that you’ll be able to find it—or, if it doesn’t exist yet, create it for yourself.

LEO: If an arrangement seems “too good to be true,” Leo, it probably is. Still, that’s no reason to be cynical at this new moon—just a reminder to check in with your intuition before making any deals! Feel into the underlying energies, and make sure the vibes are right.

VIRGO: “What have you done for me lately?” Virgo, all relationships involve their share of give-and-take. But the most important things can’t always be measured—and keeping score turns love into a zero-sum game. This new moon invites you to take a more playful, imaginative, and forgiving approach.

LIBRA: Charity begins at home, Libra. And as this new moon inspires dreams of saving the world and serving the greater good, reconnecting with your roots can help to strengthen your sense of purpose. The more personally and emotionally connected you feel to the cause, the more dedicated you’ll be.

SCORPIO: Inspiration is all around, Scorpio—but what you do with it is up to you. This new moon is the perfect time for you to begin a new creative project or find new avenues of expression. Just remember: It’s not about the finished product, it’s about enjoying the process!

SAGITTARIUS: Home, sweet home: Sag, this new moon finds you reconnecting with your domestic side in a major way. Whether your dream is to move somewhere new, become a homeowner, or redecorate your place, this is the time to visualize it and start laying the groundwork to make it a reality.

CAPRICORN: Sometimes, Capricorn, you just know—even if there’s no rational explanation for how or why. The “responsible adult” in you may require more evidence, but this new moon invites you to lean into the mystery. The more you practice following your intuition, the stronger and more reliable it gets!

AQUARIUS: The best things in life are free, Aquarius. Still, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the material side of life. Your awareness of what really matters—community, spirituality, being true to yourself—allows you to appreciate money and material things for what they are, without getting too attached.

PISCES: Everyone deserves a fresh start, Pisces—and there’s no time like a new moon in your sign to give yourself one! But the first step toward becoming the “new” you might be forgiving the “old” you for their mistakes… and reimagining yourself in a more compassionate, loving light.